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The delegation of educational cooperative colleges and universities visited Mitsubishi Electric Factory and headquarters

the delegation of colleges and universities composed of teachers and students of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the champion team of the 2015 Mitsubishi Electric Cup National College Students' electrical and automation competition, and teacher representatives of Mitsubishi Electric Cooperative colleges and universities visited Mitsubishi Electric Nagoya production Institute, Kerr factory and group headquarters in a week-long visit and exchange trip, And participated in the largest factory automation system control equipment exhibition (SCF) in Asia, and witnessed the strong strength of Mitsubishi Electric at home

the advanced technology of the factory reflects its deep strength

the delegation mainly visited the Nagoya production Institute and the Kerr factory of Nagoya production Institute, and had a close contact with the familiar Mitsubishi Electric automation products. It must be a different feeling to see them produced one by one

Mitsubishi Electric Nagoya Manufacturing Institute was founded in 1924 and has a history of more than 80 years. It is the first factory of Mitsubishi Electric to mass produce general motors. It has been constantly expanding the lineup of FA and electromechanical products. The latest iq-r series PLC and J4 series servo motors are all produced here. Nagoya manufacturing Institute is known as the mother factory

in order to reduce the overall cost in development, production and maintenance and optimize production, Mitsubishi Electric launched the FA integration solution E- F@ctory 。 To verify import e- F@ctory Nagoya production Institute introduced E- F@ctory , the equipment operation rate is increased by 190%, the overall productivity is increased to 180%, and the development cycle is shortened by 50%, which fully proves that E- F@ctory Feasibility and effectiveness of

Kerr factory is one of the branches of Nagoya Manufacturing Institute. It was established in 1974 and is mainly responsible for the production of low-voltage products such as contactors and circuit breakers. Electromagnetic switches with high safety performance, convenient operation and meeting international standards have been developed in succession

as we all know, electromagnetic switch is a product that needs mass production, and many varieties will be produced due to different coil types. Therefore, it is necessary to have a flexible production mode that can switch the production varieties at any time according to the delivery date. The ms-t series, a new product produced by Kerr factory, has introduced a robot modular production system that integrates robots into modular production and E- F@ctory , which easily realizes the production of multiple batches and small batches

Home Exhibition, showing strong comprehensive strength

this time, the delegation mainly visited Asia's largest factory automation system control equipment exhibition (SCF) and international robotics Exhibition (iRex). In every exhibition, the Mitsubishi Junjia has won the attention of the audience with an overwhelming array

scf (system control Fair)

Keywords: e- F@ctory , industry solutions, star products

magnificent booth, advanced e- F@ctory Solutions, multi industry solutions based on high-quality FA products, and FA star products widely praised by customers are all presented to the professional audience with a posture that cannot be missed

no matter in China or Japan, Mitsubishi Electric has the same theme: e- F@ctoryFA Consolidation solutions. Using the latest FA technology and it technology, e- F@ctory , which will realize the manufacturing of a new generation of products in which people, machinery and it cooperate with each other; From the engineering chain of design - production - maintenance to the supply chain of logistics - production - shipment, provide support for all links and optimize the business related to product manufacturing as a whole; And it has been stable in 400 ℃ air or nitrogen, and has been used by more than 300 e-commerce companies in various fields, including IT manufacturers and equipment manufacturers- F@ctory Alliance members cooperate to provide a wide range of solutions

booth e- F@ctory Introduce the exhibition area

the powerful industry solution based on the FA equipment product group of Mitsubishi Electric condensation advanced technology is e- F@ctory Another highlight beyond. Drive control solutions (handling, winding), collaborative solutions between people and machinery, woodworking hammers, job support solutions, etc., each of which can play an indispensable role in your factory's high-quality, low-cost and efficient production mode

drive control solution [handling]

1. Support various on-site crane operations

2. Realize high-speed automatic handling between devices in the plant

drive control 3 The ground around and at the bottom of the fuselage should be kept clean at any time. [transmission]

1. Optimize product manufacturing, improve production efficiency and quality

2. Put forward the best solution with rich and colorful FA equipment products and technical knowledge

3. Use all in one network to automatically build a system

in addition, there is an operation support solution to reduce operation errors through accurate instructions, Fa-it integration using advanced information and communication technology at the production site, such as stratasysconnex series solutions, solutions for making production equipment safe and reassuring people and machinery cooperation, so many, can visit the site, and the happiness index soars

of course, star products that build emerging solutions will always be indispensable protagonists. Many of the latest SCF products appeared on the booth this time. Mellsec iq-r series and iq-f series PLC, a800plus series inverter, ms-t series electromagnetic switch and other FA products filled the audience's eyes. At SCF, the delegation of educational cooperation universities also deeply felt the strong strength of Mitsubishi Electric, which is fighting at home

irex (International Robot Exhibition)

key words: various robot application schemes

the robot unit production system of ms-t series electromagnetic switches in Kerr factory also appeared in the robot exhibition this time

During the period of

, the University delegation also visited the Japanese headquarters of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation in Marunouchi, Tokyo, Japan, and had an in-depth discussion and exchange on the way of future education cooperation. It is believed that in the near future, our school enterprise cooperation can go further and contribute more to the training of future automation talents

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