The delegation of the 12 most popular African coun

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The delegation of 12 African countries to China visited Taifu

the delegation of 12 African countries to China visited Taifu

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on September 22, the delegation of 12 African countries to China from Angola, Cameroon, Egypt, Liberia and Nigeria visited Taifu, Chen Zhongping, general manager of Taifu overseas company, and others received warmly. Chen Zhongping introduced the development of Taifu, its current main business, its future development direction, and its interest and determination to explore the African market. The two sides further communicated and discussed the direction and opportunities for future cooperation

the delegation of 12 African diplomatic envoys to China visited Taifu

after carefully visiting the office area and production workshop of the group's Jiuhua base, the delegation spoke highly of the management and manufacturing level of Taifu

Africa is a continent rich in natural resources and labor. At present, there are many projects under construction and proposed, which attract a large number of Chinese enterprises to invest, construct and operate projects in Africa. The ambassadors and counsellors said that they were very happy to have a 1000 fold increase and asked yingtaifu to reload, understand and participate in the construction of relevant projects

after the visit, the delegation also invited Taifu heavy equipment group to visit the Embassy in Beijing. The universal experimental machine came into being to explore potential cooperation opportunities and discuss development plans

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