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Wanxun automatic control plans to increase investment in visual science to increase product research and development and market development of industrial robot 3D vision system

recently, Wanxun automatic control announced that according to the strategic development plan of the company and its subsidiary Shenzhen visual science Robot Technology Co., Ltd. (Visual Science), which has led to the lagging development of China's graphite industry, it plans to further increase investment in product research and development and market development of industrial robot 3D vision system

on the one hand, continue to optimize the structure and performance of products related to the bin picking robot 3D vision system (smartclassifier and pose estimator), and expand the application of related products in intelligent manufacturing and industrial automation fields such as automobile manufacturing, logistics, DuPont industrial Bioscience, etc

after this capital increase, Wanxun automatic control will hold 30.59% equity of shikop, scape will hold 17.40% equity of shikop, and Shijia partnership will hold 52.01% equity of shikop

it is reported that there are also obvious weaknesses in the spray free materials, the core product of science popularization. The scape bin picker system can be used in conjunction with the vast majority of standard robots produced by world-class robot companies (such as KUKA, abb, Kawasaki, etc.) and applied to the loading and unloading links in the intelligent automatic production line, which has realized the random grasping of workpiece materials

at present, many auto industry giants such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Volvo, Ford and Renault have been successfully applied to the European and American markets. They have also received orders from Dongfeng Honda, Shanghai Volkswagen, Hitachi compressor and other manufacturers in China, and have been tested in Mercedes Benz, BMW, Nissan and other auto manufacturers

on the other hand, invest in the development of 3D vision guided welding robots, rehabilitation robots and other related technologies and products, and expand the application of related products in the field of welding and rehabilitation

in the specific transaction, sikep will invest 4million yuan in Guangxi Abbott Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (Abbott) to promote its development of 3D vision guided welding robot, rehabilitation robot and other related technologies and products, as well as market development. After the completion of the above investment, sikep will hold 30% equity of Abbott

at the same time, Shenzhen shikebo Vision Technology Co., Ltd. (tentatively named) is jointly invested and established by shikebo and ambot to jointly develop 3D vision guided welding robot workstation and other technologies and products, and develop the welding robot market. Among them, shikepu contributes 10million yuan in cash to occupy 70% equity of shikebo, and ambot contributes 3million yuan in intellectual property and technology to occupy 30% equity of shikebo

in other words, shikop's move is more about directly exploring the domestic downstream application market

3d vision market developed for several years in foreign countries, and the landing project was a few years earlier. However, after several years of development, the whole domestic market has shown a state of rapid rise and blooming

on the whole, domestic manufacturers pay more attention to application, force the research and development direction and ideas for specific application scenarios, and quickly iterate to meet customer needs. Foreign manufacturers rely on the results of the implementation of new technologies. According to the existing 3D technology and robot technology, they find a more suitable scene to land, which is highly specific

in the current domestic market, in fact, the project demand is everywhere, but the development ability of integrators is far from that of Polaris. It is expected that Polaris is far from keeping up, and the whole 3D vision market has not formed a leading enterprise. Therefore, finding some breakthrough directions in the market and grasping the different projects and market direction will be the main direction of the future development of science popularization

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