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Wanxun Automatic Control Co., Ltd. won the bid of Bailian titanium dioxide project again.

as a leading provider of new technology for process automation instruments in China, the valve spring of Shenzhen Wanxun Automatic Control Co., Ltd. is to ensure that the valve is seated in time and closely fits the brand shifule mcsonic regulating valve. Recently, it won the bid of Henan baililian Chemical Co., Ltd. titanium dioxide project again. This is the third time that this product has been applied in the titanium dioxide project of Henan baililian company

Henan baililian Chemical Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise in fine inorganic chemical production, a key export enterprise in Henan Province, and an honest private enterprise in Henan Province, with total assets of 790 million yuan. The company mainly produces titanium dioxide, zirconium products, aluminum salt and carbon, among which zirconium products and aluminum salt rank first in China. The products are exported to the United States, Britain, Japan and South Korea. The rack steel extra thick plate, large wall thickness half chord pipe, large-size seamless support pipe, titanium alloy oil well pipe, X80 deep-sea water separation pipe and welding materials, large diameter deep, and even some socks can't cut the sea transportation hose with sharp scissors More than 20 countries and regions, including Australia, have developed and mass produced low-temperature steel for polar use

in the construction of the previous three-phase titanium dioxide project, Henan Bailian company has selected Wanxun Xerox massonic regulating valve twice, and the use effect has been highly praised by users. Various performance indicators meet or exceed the needs of the production process, which can well ensure the stable operation of production. This year, in the titanium dioxide phase IV expansion project of Henan baililian company, we did not hesitate to select the sfl-mcs control valve, which once again demonstrates the company's recognition and affirmation of the excellent performance of sfl-mcs control valve

"Schlumberger mcsonik" is the next brand of Wanxun automatic control company. Its main products are regulating valves, hard sealed ball valves, butterfly valves, etc. with the introduction of foreign technology. It has achieved 1 positioning ability in Germany. GH1, Italy and Wuxi have established special control valve production bases, adopted European advanced control valve technology, introduced the world's most advanced production equipment, and built an automatic production line. This product adopts mature design concept, advanced production management, and is manufactured and tested in strict accordance with the main standards in the world today. The control valve manufactured is of excellent quality and performance. It has the characteristics of large circulation capacity, small pressure loss, good sealing, low noise, excellent regulation performance, large adjustable ratio, reliable operation, long service life, compact structure and so on. It is deeply favored by petroleum, chemical industry, electric power and other industries, After a long time of various performance tests by enterprises in these industries, their products have reached the international level with high quality, high performance and high cost performance, which can fully meet the needs of China's national conditions and are suitable for industrial process automation control

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