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WAPI basic framework method (Hufu TEPA) has become an international standard

with the strong support and active promotion of the Ministry of industry and information technology, what else can the wireless local area authentication and security infrastructure (WAPI) standard with independent technology improve health problems? Of course, there are breakthroughs in internationalization. Recently, iso/iec (International Organization for Standardization/International Electrotechnical Commission) released the WAPI basic framework method (Hufu TEPA) standard, and Hufu TEPA has officially become the first international standard in the field of basic information security in China. Hufu TEPA adopts China's independent innovation technology. It is a general entity authentication protocol, which can be used in wireless near-field and long-distance communication, identity management and other fields. It is one of the basic and common technologies in the international technical standard system. WAPI security protocol has also passed the international standard project approval vote

at present, the number of members of WAPI industrial alliance has grown to 72, and the industrial chain is becoming more and more perfect, covering chip design, processing and manufacturing, network equipment, application software, operation services and other aspects in the wireless local area industry. The members include mainstream WLAN chip and equipment manufacturers at home and abroad. At present, more than 80 WAPI chips and modules have been successfully developed; The number of network equipment suppliers that have the ability to support WAPI has also increased significantly. More than 100 domestic 3D braided composite fan blades have emerged, and domestic and foreign manufacturers have released more than 1000 WAPI products. If the test is qualified, the value of this instrument must meet the market application needs of domestic operators; More than 150 mobile terminal products with WAPI function have passed the entry test and been put on the market. The diversification of products, the improvement of industrial chain and the internationalization of independent standards have laid the foundation for the further marketization, commercialization and internationalization of WAPI. Subreport on the temperature drop of cooled objects caused by China Power

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