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The new WAP deal of China Mobile will attack the confidence of the whole industrial chain

the means of "suspending WAP billing" adopted by China Mobile under the pressure of "pornography related" cosmetics makes many WAP independent stations regard it as "extreme behavior". China Mobile has accelerated the development of additive manufacturing industry and announced that from November 30, China Mobile will suspend the billing of all WAP business partners based on 30000 yuan/ton of vanadium pentoxide at the beginning of 2016, and conduct a comprehensive clean-up to cut off the charging chain of pornographic stations

a person in charge of WAP stations said in an interview that China Mobile's suspension of WAP billing is tantamount to implicating many innocent regular WAP stations

Gao nianshu, general manager of China Mobile Data Department, said that in 2008, China Mobile's revenue was 472.3 billion yuan, of which data value-added services accounted for 27.5%. The traffic revenue from independent WAP stations is 10.7 billion, and the traffic from Yellow River stations accounts for 0.2% of the total traffic of all WAP stations. These traffic are calculated as revenue of about 20million yuan, accounting for 0.052% of the total revenue of China Mobile

compared with China Mobile's revenue reduction of less than 1%, some WAP station practitioners predict that China Mobile's "WAP New Deal" will reduce the company's revenue by 70%-90%. China Mobile's move has been fully reflected in the capital market: in the air listed on Nasdaq, the cumulative decline of more than 10% for two consecutive days, and palm smart fell nearly 20% against the trend yesterday

Fu Liang, a telecom expert, believes that suspending all WAP billing is likely to dampen the enthusiasm of some WAP partners who do not violate the rules. An industry expert believes that at the beginning of China's 3G market, a large number of formal WAP stations are needed to enrich the content, but this move by China Mobile shook the confidence of the entire industry. China Securities - Shanghai Securities News

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