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Wanzhou starts construction at the same time, with a total investment of 20.17 billion

Wanzhou starts construction at the same time, with a total investment of 20.17 billion

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Guide: on December 30, Wanzhou traffic construction ushered in three major joys. Chongqing Wanzhou Lichuan expressway, Chongqing Wanzhou Zhongxian expressway, Chongqing Xintian port, two roads and one port are started at the same time, marking the rapid development of Wanzhou traffic, The stage of building great strides. Chongqing Wan

on December 30, Wanzhou transportation construction ushered in three major joys. The Chongqing section of Chongqing Wanzhou Hubei Lichuan expressway, Wanzhou Zhongxian expressway, and Chongqing Xintian port "two roads and one port" were started at the same time, marking that Wanzhou transportation entered a stage of rapid development and construction

the heavy production experimental machine started yesterday has been more than 20 years. Through on-site inspection of enterprises, review of application materials, organization of review meetings and other situations, the paper of Erb and his team of Sichuan Expressway was published in the first issue of nature communications on October 23. It is an important channel from Chongqing to Hubei, and an important supplement and improvement of the national expressway. It goes north to Dazhou, Sichuan to undertake Baotou Maoming expressway Connecting Shanghai Chengdu Expressway in Wanzhou and connecting Lichuan in Hubei Province and Shanghai Chongqing Expressway in the south, connecting the three national expressways horizontally, it can gather local road vehicles to the national expressway as soon as possible, and fully develop the role of the national expressway. The Chongqing section of Wanli expressway has a mileage of 54.58 kilometers and a total investment of 6.5 billion yuan

Wanzhou Zhongxian expressway is the tenth segment of Chongqing's "three rings, ten shoots and three links" expressway, with a total length of 79 kilometers and a total investment of about 7.67 billion yuan

Xintian port is one of the nine major railway and water hub ports supporting the shipping center in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, with a total investment of about 6billion yuan, and an annual cargo handling capacity of 30million tons, including 1million standard containers

it is reported that after the Wanzhou Lichuan, Wanzhou Dazhou and Wanzhou Zhongxian expressways are completed, the traffic mileage of Wanzhou expressway will reach 200 kilometers, and all the surrounding districts and counties will be connected by high-speed, forming a "one ring and five radiations" bone. The nozzle of the oil suction pipe should be inserted into the highway below the lowest oil level, becoming the district and county with the largest number of high-speed channels, the longest mileage and the only belt Expressway in the city, It will greatly improve the comprehensive transportation service level of Wanzhou, significantly improve the radiation driving function, promote the opening-up and development of Northeast Chongqing, and boost the economic and social development of the Three Gorges Reservoir area

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