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GE company participated in the "Miami smart energy" project

april20,2009 - Miami, Florida held the launching ceremony of the "Miami smart configuration dedicated stretch attachment energy" project here. This project aims to use the U.S. federal government's economic stimulus fund to stimulate the generation of $200million in comprehensive investment in the next two years and strengthen the construction of "smart electricity" and renewable energy in the region

the core of "Miami smart energy" is to provide more power options for residents of Miami Dade County and save electricity charges. The project can create 8010 to 1000 jobs in the short term, strengthen Florida's leading position in national environmental protection practice, and will also solve the challenge of climate change in the whole state, especially in coastal areas, in the long term

"Miami smart energy" will be the most extensive smart power project in the United States. Residents and enterprises in Miami Dade County will receive more than 1million "smart meters", which will help users of Florida power and lighting company (FPL) save electricity. At the same time, the automatic feedback information provided by the meters will play a role in FPL's more effective management of output power. The smart meter management system will be an open platform on which various power saving schemes can be applied. For example, it can manage and control the power consumption of air conditioners and household appliances

Miami mayor Diaz said in his speech at the launching ceremony: "The 'Miami smart energy' project is a future investment in our city, our residents and communities. It will stimulate the generation of green jobs and build an economy based on clean energy. This project also supports the Obama administration's goal of investing in renewable energy, reducing dependence on foreign oil and coping with the global climate crisis. I hope to work with the large enterprises involved in this project to create an effective utilization policy An example of the government's economic stimulus plan. "

the "Miami smart energy" project is organized and implemented by an alliance composed of the government and famous American companies. Representatives of the company participating in the launching ceremony of the project include: Lu yisihai III, chairman and CEO of FPL; Jeffimmelt, chairman and CEO of General Electric (GE); Chambers, chairman and CEO of Cisco; Scott Lang, chairman and CEO of yinchunluo company

Florida power and lighting Corporation (FPL) is a leading company in the use of energy efficiency projects in China. It will be responsible for the overall implementation of the project and promote the application of smart electricity technology. The company has 4.5 million power users in Florida, including 1million in Miami Dade County; Ge is the world's leading manufacturer and manager of power generation, transmission and distribution equipment. It will provide major equipment for the project, including smart meters, and may provide advanced household appliances and intelligent power control systems; Yinchunluo company is a leading provider of electrical technology, which will provide open wireless network system; Cisco will be responsible for designing and implementing an intelligent platform for Miami Dade County power transmission, and providing energy management information and control solutions for families

immelt, chairman of Ge, said, "Ge is committed to continuously developing and applying energy-saving technologies to create a sustainable energy future. The Miami smart energy project is an excellent example, which can reveal how an advanced, flexible and intelligent power system can help us achieve a variety of energy combinations. Ian Fuller, vice president of business development and engineering of the company, told reinforced plastics Speaking of scenery. We congratulate and support the Miami municipal government and the public. Miami's actions set an example for cities across the United States and around the world. "

"Miami smart energy" project will be implemented in the next two years, including a series of measures to improve power transmission efficiency and save electricity and electricity charges for consumers:

smart electricity automation and information transmission compared with traditional electricity, the new smart electricity is more like an interconnection, which connects smart meters, high-efficiency transformers, digital substations, power plants and other equipment through the central information and control system. The system can monitor the power consumption status in real time, identify and automatically repair the power failure or send personnel for maintenance, which can improve the power consumption efficiency and the productivity of the power plant as a whole

in the first phase of the smart meter project, more than 1 million smart meters will be installed in Miami Dade homes. In the next five years, FPL will install more than 4 million smart meters in Florida. After analyzing the problems, Fu Xiangsheng plans to generate a new investment of $500million. Smart meter is a multi system communication platform, including a meter reader with two-way information exchange function, and a set of operation management system and database. Users can know how much electricity they use in a month, a day or an hour through the above method. In this way, users can effectively adjust the power consumption scale of their homes or units according to the level of electricity charges in different periods of time, so as to save electricity charges. Smart meters and networks can also help users manage the running time and mode of household appliances

renewable energy integration some local universities and schools will install solar power generation equipment, and battery technology can store solar power for peak hours

plug in dual fuel electric vehicle (PHEV) PFL will put 300 PHEVs into operation in Miami Dade County and provide 50 new charging stations. At the same time, more PHEVs will be put into use at Miami Dade University, Florida International University, Miami University and Miami City

consumer technology trial project the government will conduct new technology trials in 1000 families in Miami Dade County to determine which technology can better achieve power saving effect and customer satisfaction

the cooperative companies participating in the "Miami smart energy" project will form a joint program implementation team to ensure that the project meets the conditions of the Obama administration's fund allocation. According to the "American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009", commonly known as the U.S. economic stimulus plan, the federal government will add the same amount of funds to the projects that meet the government's investment objectives after the start-up capital investment. Among the projects encouraged by the government, advanced power technology facilities, energy conservation and renewable energy projects are prominent industries

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