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Ge and Verizon, Cisco and Intel formed the IOT alliance

industrial forming aluminum machine, and GE announced on Thursday that it had formed an alliance with a number of technology giants to establish the IOT alliance. The purpose of GE's move is to seek support for its predix platform. Predix software is designed to make various IOT endpoints intelligent

IOT is the growth engine of Ge (GE calls IOT industrial Internet, which is a network of machines and industrial equipment. Ge also reduced its environmental impact. The division hopes to position its turbines, engines and other equipment as intelligent devices, which can be connected through its software. In many ways, Ge is similar to IBM. It is a software and technology company

Ge said it would spend more than 1billion US dollars to enhance the service quality of its 40 industrial interconnections. Ge currently monitors and analyzes 50million data points every day, from 10million sensors, and the total assets under management of the equipment to which the sensors belong reach US $1 trillion

Intel and Cisco are members of the alliance. The two companies will cooperate with Ge to build predix ready devices, including source data from sensors, devices, cloud services and open communication frameworks. Intel aims to embed Ge predix platform devices in its processors, while Cisco will incorporate predix compatibility into network devices such as industrial routers. Predix architecture connects cloud and data center computing resources with Hadoop. Ge believes that EMC's pivot department will also be its partner

Ge said it would open the predix platform to users and developers in 2015. The predix platform has the functions of customizing industry application software, tracking and managing assets, and protecting the firewall of infrastructure

General Electric held a meeting in New York called "minds + machines" for the determination of the above two types of FRP Poisson's ratios. Verizon's role in this IOT alliance is to connect its M2M (machine to machine) and cloud platforms to predix

Verizon and Ge in the alliance will launch services such as remote monitoring, diagnosis, maintenance and repair on the predix platform. Ge and Verizon also said they would cooperate on a global user identity module (SIM)

telecom companies are paying more and more attention to M2M connection to enhance their enterprise strength and obtain higher profit effect. It is reported that GE has also reached a consensus with Softbank and Vodafone of Japan on their foreign wireless communication base and the place where our experimental machines are manufactured according to the strict requirements of the country

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