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On April 27, 2011, General Electric (GE), the world's largest diversified enterprise in Chengdu, held a unique open day on the campus of Sichuan University, The two-month nationwide tour recruitment of the 2011 Ge imagination future Summer Intern Program (English Name: early identification program, referred to as EID) was kicked off. Today, with the increasingly fierce competition for multinational companies to attract talents, through the high-quality internship program, GE has further turned its attention from fresh graduates to a broader group of college students, exploring and cultivating talents in practice

in the gymnasium of Wangjiang campus of Sichuan University, Ge built simple and vivid exhibition booths according to seven business groups including energy, transportation and medical treatment, and arranged GE employees and volunteers to answer visitors' questions. The interesting and interactive forms of activities attracted more than 1000 students from Sichuan University and other universities in Chengdu to visit and consult

in 2011, GE chuangxiang future summer interns planned to recruit more than 400 interns nationwide, with positions distributed in multiple departments of GE's business groups, which doubled the scale of the project attracting more than 200 interns in 2010. By the end of 2010, 50% of the students enrolled in the summer internship program of chuangxiang future over the years had become regular employees of Ge after completing their internships

cheng Jing, HR Director of Ge Greater China, said: talent localization is an important prerequisite for the sustainable development of Ge business groups in China. Through the summer internship program of imagination for the future, we can find potential local talents earlier, supplemented by practical training and skill training, so as to cultivate more young talents that meet the needs of the enterprise for GE and the society

Cheng Jing pointed out that in addition to the excellent education quality and talent training tradition of Sichuan University, the strategic layout of Ge in Sichuan and Chengdu is also an important factor for heavy creep and lasting experiment. In november2010, GE announced that $500million would be used to strengthen R & D activities and establish multiple innovation centers in China to better serve the southwest, northwest, northeast and central markets. Chengdu, together with Shenyang and Xi'an, has been selected as one of the first cities for the settlement of innovation centers

the western region, including Sichuan Province, has always been the focus of GE's further expansion of its business in China. In recent years, Chengdu has become the southwest regional headquarters of Ge and the strategic base for business development. Ge is constantly committed to strengthening cross industry and diversified cooperation with local government departments in infrastructure, medical treatment, environmental protection, procurement, talent training and other aspects. Next, Ge will continue to deepen the oil pump Cooperation Dialogue with Sichuan Province, further improve the industrial layout in Sichuan and enhance the overall business strength of the company in this region through the settlement of talent recruitment and innovation center

today, I am deeply impressed by the interaction between GE and college students. Ge provides large-scale and planned internships for college students to improve their professional skills while discovering talents. This long-term approach is commendable. Assistant president of Sichuan University, Professor lirongjun, director of the enrollment and employment division (director of the employment guidance service center), said: we hope that more students can get exercise through GE's summer internship program, so as to better lay a foundation and prepare for their upcoming career

the theme is "g love the future, e realize the same!"! The national itinerant recruitment program of Ge creative future summer interns will hold five campus activities from April to May. In addition to the first site selection of Sichuan University, it will also be held in four universities, including Wuhan Huazhong University of science and technology and Xi'an Jiaotong University. So far, more than 5000 college students from all over the country have registered to participate. Meanwhile, college students from all over the country can also apply for internships on Ge campuses

as a global leading enterprise characterized by talent training and leadership management, GE has always regarded employees as the most valuable asset and provided a series of platforms to help each employee pursue excellence and realize their dreams here. Every year, Ge worldwide invests 1billion US dollars to help employees grow. More than one third of Ge China employees receive training in China Training Center, and more than 70% of leadership positions are selected by internal promotion. The proportion of localized employees exceeds 98%


Ge is a diversified infrastructure, financial and media company dedicated to addressing the world's most difficult challenges. From aircraft engines and power generation equipment to financial services, medical treatment, and television programs, GE has businesses in more than 100 countries around the world, with more than 300000 employees. GE has been doing business in China since 1906. Now, all Ge business groups have settled in China, and have established more than 50 wholly-owned enterprises, joint ventures, R & D centers and other operating entities in China, with more than 15000 employees. GE's advanced technologies and solutions are helping some blown film machines in China bring so many conveniences to food processing and commodity packaging to achieve sustainable development of important industries, including clean energy, aviation, medical treatment and railway transportation. For more information, please visit and

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