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Ge group launched lexan* anti fog transparent film for freezers to reduce energy costs on June 5, 2007, the latest high-performance lexan* polycarbonate (PC) film launched by GE Plastics Group is a new product of GE Plastics Group's economic* series products, which is currently applying for patent. This product can avoid condensation without heating the glass door of the food freezer and freezer. The crystal clear Lexan anti fog transparent film adopts a patented anti fog coating, which is pasted on the surface of the glass door to prevent condensation when the clerk opens the cabinet door. Lexan anti fog transparent film can not only eliminate the fogging phenomenon that affects the line of sight of displayed products, so as to make consumers' shopping experience pleasant, but also greatly reduce energy costs. The use of this new film can eliminate the need to heat the glass door, reduce the number of times consumers open the cabinet door when purchasing products, and reduce the workload when the compressor heats the cabinet door. If calculated according to the national average energy cost of 0.0942 US dollars/kWh, this new film can save as much as 90 US dollars per year for each ultra-low temperature ice cream cabinet door and low temperature cabinet door, and as much as 30 US dollars per year for each medium temperature cabinet door

refrigerator doors using GE lexan* anti fog transparent film

take a typical example: a store has 130 cabinet doors, 60% of which are low-temperature doors, 20% are medium temperature doors, 2 and then tighten the motor fixing screws to 0% for ice cream freezing doors. After using Lexan anti fog transparent film and closing the cabinet door heater, it is estimated that the store can save about US $10000 per year

supervalue has set up a high-end chain supermarket farm fresh in Virginia, where it uses Ge Lexan constant temperature anti fog film. One of the reasons is that this material can save energy costs. Supervalue put the product on trial for 18 months on the 10 doors of the 800000 kW frozen food glass cabinet in the farm fresh store in Virginia Beach, which shut down the small fire Electromechanical group before and after cooling. After the trial, Jon Perry, the energy and Maintenance Director of farm fresh, found that the energy cost for cabinet door heating had decreased by nearly half. Jon Perry said that although food enterprises are not producers of food contact materials, the current intensity of our four door refrigerated food glass cabinets decreased from 5.2 amps to 2.4 amps after they stopped using the anti fog heaters on these cabinet doors and began to use GE films. This film also reduces the working load of our compressor. The compressor can operate continuously without removing the heat generated by the electric heating anti fog system. According to our estimation, the power consumption of the compressor can be reduced by 10-30%

perry also predicted other advantages of this film produced by GE, including reducing the cost and time required to install cabinet door heaters in new stores, and expanding the current store without adding more compressors. In addition, this kind of film also has potential consumption advantages, that is, it can increase the aesthetics and transparency of the glass cabinet door of frozen food, which is convenient for consumers to purchase goods. Perry said: in summer, our heating door starts to atomize 15 to 20 seconds after it is opened, even if the cabinet door next to it is opened. It takes several minutes to clear the fog. However, Ge Lexan film can avoid atomization, but Russia is still the largest importer of extruders in China, which is very different

lexan thermostatic antifogging film is scratch resistant and can be easily cleaned with standard cleaning products. In addition, the film has adhesive backing and is easy to install. This film can help to protect the integrity of the glass and prevent glass splashing when the internal glass breaks. In addition, retailers and manufacturers can also print trademarks and advertisements on the coating side of the film, so as to turn the freezer into a display cabinet

perry said: after 18 months of trial, we found that the quality of the film did not decline at all. The company has installed Lexan anti fog transparent film in four stores in Virginia Beach (each store has about 120 glass cabinet doors for frozen food), and plans to promote its use in stores in other cities. In addition, GE Plastics is currently testing this material in freezers/freezers in more than 20 of the largest U.S. supermarket chains and 7 international supermarket chains

mike Laurin, the film product manager of the special film and plate Department of GE Plastics Group and one of the inventors of Lexan anti fog transparent film, said: the fogged display cabinet is not only inconvenient for shoppers to purchase goods, but also brings a lot of expenses to businesses, because when consumers open the cabinet door to buy ice cream, businesses need to pay extra cooling costs. As a result, businesses have to choose between paying the extra cost of heating the display cabinet or using a standard antifogging coating that is easy to scratch and requires a special cleaning process. Our long-lasting and anti fog Lexan film is the perfect solution for consumers and businesses

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