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GE Energy has set up a new power conversion business to enhance its strength in the field of industrial automation

ge's recently acquired kefude business has been renamed power conversion

ge p2. the electronic measurement power conversion business closely follows the global industrial development trend and will use advanced electrical systems to replace aging and inefficient industrial motors

power conversion will be used in natural gas, renewable energy On January 18, 2012, as the world's leading supplier of power generation equipment and energy transmission technology, GE Energy Group (nyse:ge) announced today that its acquired KFD will be renamed power conversion after integration. Technology in process control, automation systems and efficient power electronics, motors and generators will enable the company to better meet the needs of customers and improve operational efficiency and productivity

power conversion business will help Ge give full play to its profound expertise and enhance its strength in the rapidly growing energy efficiency, electrification and automation field, which is worth $30billion and currently growing faster than the global GDP

today's announcement represents an important milestone. We will create more value for our customers. Integrating our technology and consulting products in the field of system integration, we will promote the world's fastest-growing energy and industrial sectors to improve their operational efficiency and profitability, said Joe Mastrangelo, CEO of power conversion. With our advantages in these areas, Ge will be able to manage the entire energy life cycle, which is an area where our customers require us to play a greater role

large industrial companies are replacing mechanical processes with efficient customized electrical solutions to provide higher reliability, reduce maintenance and reduce waste emissions from industrial production. This general trend, namely electrification, is expected to double in the next two decades. A major driver of this trend is the oil and gas industry, which uses electrical systems to extract and transport natural gas more effectively

about 25% of the world's electricity production is used to power motors in a range of industrial applications. With the solution of power conversion, its energy efficiency can be improved by 30%, which helps to reduce power consumption, energy intensity and greenhouse gas emissions. Together with GE's industrial solutions business, power conversion will also be able to cope with all aspects of the energy conversion chain by virtue of its strong product portfolio in motor, power electronics, wind converter, photovoltaic inverter and process control technology

power conversion has rich expertise in the engineering field, its system has a unique perspective, and its customized products and services make it stand out in today's market, because Ge can expand its business faster than its current competitors and provide new solutions for the market, Mastrangelo added

industrial automation is expected to achieve the fastest growth in Brazil, Russia, India, China and the Middle East. This process will be driven by the demand for energy efficiency and integrated electrical and mechanical solutions, which are critical for customers competing in highly competitive industries

power conversion and GE's M & a strategy

ge energy group was almost blank in most places in September, 2011; On the other hand, in recent years, China's industrial development has rapidly acquired power conversion, formerly known as KFD. GE's recent acquisition is worth $3.2 billion, while the entire Ge acquisition is expected to reach $11billion. After the acquisition of KFD, GE Energy's product portfolio has moved beyond the power generation sector to key industries that use cleaner, smarter and more efficient energy

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