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GE Energy Group donated Ge Yangchang hope primary school to Guizhou January 15, 2009: GE Energy Group donated RMB 500000 to Yangchang primary school in Yangchang Town, Nayong County, Guizhou Province on January 15, 2009 for campus renovation and maintenance projects. In the process of project establishment and implementation, CPI Guizhou Jinyuan group Nayong power plant provided great help. Ming kit LOH, President of optimization and control Asia Pacific and China of GE Energy Group, wangdaosen, member of the Standing Committee of Nayong County Party committee and deputy head of the county people's Government of Guizhou Province, zuohongbin, director of the Education Bureau of Nayong County, Guizhou Province, Xiagang, director of Nayong power plant, liubotao, Secretary of the Party committee, linyue, deputy director, Zhang Qiang, director of the office, caopingsheng, director of the party and mass department, Zhuye, head of Yangchang Town People's government, wangruigang, deputy secretary, and wangguangliang, deputy head of the town, Pengmingkai, principal of Yangchang primary school, and leaders of other relevant units attended the donation ceremony on that day

Yangchang primary school was founded in the early 1950s. It covers an area of 8.2 Mu and has a building area of 5320 square meters. It is a school of "national compulsory education project in poor areas" and "China United Nations Children's fund cooperation project in promoting education in poor areas". At the initial stage of the construction of the No. 1 power plant, the immigrants moved to the Tianba resettlement area beside the school. In order to support the construction of the power plant, the school fence was removed to cooperate with the relocation, making the school a travel channel for the surrounding villagers, which caused great difficulties to the school management and buried great hidden dangers for the safety of teachers and students. At the same time, due to the lack of funds, teaching facilities and office equipment cannot be improved, and the current facilities and equipment can no longer meet the teaching needs

Nayong power plant, also located in Yangchang Town, has a good understanding of the local situation, and they actively take the lead. GE Energy Group donated 500000 yuan to repair and transform the campus and purchase teaching equipment and sports equipment. Yangchang primary school will be renamed as "Ge Yangchang hope primary school" after maintenance and transformation

ge energy group has made great efforts to support the development of indicators indicating the strength of experimental machines in Guizhou electric power industry for a long time since 2000, and provided DCS control equipment for 4 600MW and 14 300MW units. The eight units of Nayong power plant adopt the XDPS-400 distributed control system of GE Energy Group as the steam turbine control or the integrated control of the whole plant. It brings value to users with its excellent product quality and high-quality service, and takes this opportunity to contribute to the education in Nayong region

"Ge is a global diversified company, committed to turning ideas into leading products and services to solve the most difficult problems for users. At the same time, it pays close attention to social needs and helps those who need help most in various forms." Wenyuezhong, President of GE Energy Group in China, said, "thank Nayong power plant for connecting us and giving us the opportunity to do something for children to improve their learning environment."

According to various industry reports,

"GE Energy Group's donation to Yangchang primary school fully reflects the social sense of international large enterprises. On behalf of Nayong County Party committee, government and 800000 Nayong people, I would like to express my full thanks for this." Wangdaosen, deputy county head, said, "I sincerely hope that GE Energy Group can prosper day by day, repay the society with greater actions, and hope that the friendship between GE and Nayong people will last forever. At the same time, I ask the people's Government of Yangchang town and Yangchang primary school to implement the school reconstruction project, run their own school well, repay Ge with excellent school running quality, and repay all social sectors concerned about the development of Yangchang primary school."

"an enterprise cannot develop without the support of the society. It is the society that the enterprise should do its best to repay the society. Nayong power plant and GE Energy Group not only cooperate closely in the power automatic control project, but also share the values of corporate citizens. The construction of the hope project of Yangchang Central Primary School is a practical platform." Liubotao, Secretary of Nayong power plant, said, "today, we are very happy to see that general electric Yangchang hope primary school has finally been established. GE company has made a donation of 500000 yuan, which has made a positive contribution to improving the teaching conditions of the school and the learning environment of students, and created a new model for building a harmonious relationship between local enterprises." The fund will be used for more than 20 specific projects, such as reforming immigration channels, closing the campus, building basketball courts, renovating stadiums and adding sports equipment, setting up sewage systems, renovating teaching buildings and greening the campus

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ge energy group () is the world's leading supplier of power generation equipment and energy transmission technology. In 2007, with the increasing impact of LFG on the energy industry, the group's sales revenue was $22billion. GE Energy Group, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, provides a full range of products and services for all fields of the energy industry, including coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear energy; Renewable energy such as hydropower, wind energy, solar energy and biogas energy; And other alternative energy sources. GE Energy Group has many "green imagination" products, and "green imagination" is an initiative that GE has implemented throughout the company to actively bring innovative technologies to the market to help customers solve difficult environmental problems

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