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Ge and Siemens gather in TCT Asia to compete for China's 3D printing market Shanghai, Feb. 7, 2017 - the Asia 3D printing and additive manufacturing exhibition (hereinafter referred to as TCT Asia) will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on March. The two leading global manufacturing enterprises, general electric and gas company (hereinafter referred to as GE) and Siemens company (hereinafter referred to as Siemens), will participate in the exhibition. The appearance of the two giants at TCT Asia, which represents the industry vane, means that they will compete fiercely in China's 3D printing market. What new changes will this cause

ge will show its 3D printing plan for the first time in the world.

ge has established a new additive manufacturing company GE additive after completing the acquisition of concept laser and arcam in 2016. This participation in TCT Asia is the first time that GE additional (Booth No.: n5-f80) has participated in the 3D printing professional exhibition worldwide to show its future concept. As frequent visitors of TCT Asia, concept laser (Booth No.: n5-g16) and arcam (Booth No.: n5-f52) also present their plastic extruders, commonly known as main machines, at TCT Asia. Nora cibula, director of global exhibition and public relations of concept laser, said that Beijing Institute of aeronautical materials was very pleased that GE additive was participating in this year's TCT Asia Exhibition. We will not jointly exhibit with Ge this year, but we have communicated the booth design style with the United States. Our booth layout will echo Ge additive from afar, We believe that our booth will bring a refreshing experience to 3D printing users. We warmly welcome you to our booth and GE's booth

Siemens will fully launch China's 3D printing market plan

what is different from GE is that at TCT Asia, Siemens not only demonstrated the application of PLM Software (including CAD/CAE/CAM) in additive manufacturing, which has been deeply cultivated in China for many years, but also demonstrated the advantages of its digital factory group, Provide industrial control technology and process automation solutions for 3D printing enterprises (especially 3D printing equipment manufacturers facing the manufacturing direction)

in 2016, Siemens cooperated with STRATASYS to develop a new type of robotic composite 3D demonstrator equipment. The high flexibility of the 8-axis manipulator eliminates the trouble of layer by layer transition. The single screw tool path is completely adopted when manufacturing parts, and the manipulator can print from the inside to the outside in any required axis. In 2017, Siemens plans to cooperate with domestic 3D printing companies to develop 3D printing equipment to help domestic metal and professional equipment manufacturers. 4. Plastic tensile testing machines often need to improve lubrication technology to provide more efficient and reliable equipment for the market

at the TCT Asia exhibition, Siemens will hold three seminars and open them to all visitors, publish information about Siemens' strategy in the industrialization of additive manufacturing, and display Siemens' full value chain products and solutions in the field of additive manufacturing. Specifically:

1 Automation components based on Siemens fully integrated automation (TIA) that can be used in the production of large-scale additive manufacturing equipment

2 Siemens aims to develop NX products that can be used for packaging food simulation and production planning. At TCT Asia 2017, in addition to the above Ge, arcam, concept laser and Siemens, EOS, Renishaw, SLM solutions, TRUMPF and sisma will also bring the world's latest Metal 3D printing solutions; National enterprises xinjinghe, bolite, Huashu high tech, Beijing Longyuan, Zhongke Yuchen, Qingdao Zhuosi, Xindaya, Han's laser and Yijia 3D will also show their strength in accelerating the localization process of industrial grade metal additive manufacturing; 3D systems, STRATASYS, envisiontec, materialise, liantai technology, Zhongrui electromechanical and raise3d will show the transformation process from prototype to manufacturing

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