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GE's business portfolio strategy remains unchanged

on Monday, General Electric Co., which covers all aspects of graphene research and utilization, said that its business portfolio strategy has not changed; Although there are voices that the company should focus more on its powerful industrial sector, the company has no plan to accelerate the contraction of its larger financial subsidiaries

Jeff Immelt, CEO of the company, said that the company will still strive to reduce the surface long-term profit contribution rate of these components of GE Capital that can accurately adapt to or offset the existing models from the expected 45% in 2012 to about 30%. The plastic granulator operation covers a wide range of fields. However, if the asset sale transaction in consumer finance and other fields can improve the fixed return, The company may conduct more such sales

Immelt said at the company's annual investor meeting that the company's strategy has indeed not changed

after the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008, the company cut its dividend, and has been rebuilding investor confidence since then. The dividend reduction was mainly caused by the losses and offsets of general finance. Immelt had previously said that GE Capital was too large

Immelt said on Monday that the order situation from China was improving, while the European business and healthcare business were still facing difficulties

the company plans to return $12billion to shareholders next year. Although Immelt said that it is unlikely to carry out large-scale acquisition transactions in 2013, his definition of large-scale transactions has risen to about $4billion from as much as $3billion previously

according to people familiar with the matter, Ge is conducting in-depth negotiations on the acquisition of Avio, an Italian aviation supplier, and the acquisition price may be as high as US $4billion

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