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The main body of the rotary dryer is a slightly inclined and rotatable cylinder. The rotary cylinder dryer is a dryer that handles the drying of a large amount of materials. It is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, light industry and other departments because of its reliable operation, large flexibility, strong adaptability and large processing capacity

rotary cylinder dryer plays a great role in industrial production because of its large production capacity and adaptability. Although the drying and cooling work in the rotary cylinder dryer are in the same machine, they are operated separately, so it is very convenient to use. Now let's go to know the relevant knowledge of rotary cylinder dryer with you

structural form of rotary cylinder dryer

direct heat transfer dryer this kind of dryer has a heat carrier in direct contact with the dried material. It mainly relies on convection heat transfer, with a high heat utilization rate and the most widely used

indirect heat transfer dryer when the dried material should not be in direct contact with flue gas or hot air or hot air, indirect heat transfer dryer can be used. In this dryer, the heat carrier does not directly contact the dried material, and all the heat required for drying is transmitted to the dried material through the heat transfer wall

duplex heat transfer dryer this dryer is a combination of heat conduction and convective heat transfer, in which part of the heat is transferred from the drying medium to the dried material through the heat transfer wall, and the other part of the heat is transferred by the heat carrier directly contacting the material. The heat utilization rate is high

steam calcination dryer steam calcination dryer is used for heavy alkali calcination. In the field calcination dryer of steam alkali, calcine and dry on the one hand. There is no self return device. Heat is obtained by steam heating of finned tubes arranged in the rotating cylinder. The heat transfer coefficient is high, the thermal efficiency can reach 75%, and the evaporation intensity is 150kg water m3

spray granulation dryer spray granulation dryer is to complete the drying and granulation of products in a rotating cylinder, the slurry is sprayed into the cylinder by the nozzle, and the cylinder is equipped with a return spiral board, so that the finished product returns itself, reducing the return multiple, simplifying the process, reducing the equipment load, and improving the production intensity of the equipment. The spray granulator is used in the production of ammonium phosphate, nitrogen phosphorus, nitrogen phosphorus potassium phosphate fertilizer and heavy superphosphate

rotary cylinder dryer features

large production capacity and continuous operation

simple structure and convenient operation

less faults and low maintenance costs

it has a wide range of applications, and can dry granular materials, paste materials, and even liquid materials

flexible operation

easy to clean

application field of rotary cylinder dryer

1. It is applicable to the drying of large particles and heavy proportion materials in chemical, mining, metallurgy and other industries. For example, the drying of ore, blast furnace slag, coal, metal powder, phosphate fertilizer, ammonium sulfate, ammonium sulfate, ammonium nitrate, building materials, light industry and other departments, alkali sulfide, Anfu powder, urea, oxalic acid, potassium dichromate, polyvinyl chloride, manganese dioxide, ammonium carbonate, phosphate nitrate, calcium magnesium phosphate, phosphate rock, ordinary calcium superphosphate, calcium superphosphate, trisodium phosphate, sodium tripolyphosphate, etc. is used in rotary cylinder dryers

2. Drying of powdery and granular materials with special requirements. Such as HP foaming agent, refined slag, light calcium carbonate, activated clay, magnetic powder, graphite, and drug residue

3. Materials requiring low-temperature drying and mass continuous drying

the main components of the rotary cylinder dryer include sealing ring components, lifting plate components, rotary body components, transmission device components, etc. When the dryer is used, it will be placed at a slight inclination angle with the horizontal direction. The products will be poured into the cylinder from the higher end of the cylinder. When working, the products will move to the low end with the rotation of the cylinder, so as to quickly achieve the purpose of processing products. When using the rotary cylinder dryer, the cost is low, and the fuel consumption will be less than that of the general dryer

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