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The sky is clear in March, and the scenery of Spring Festival is picturesque. From March 10 to 11, 2017, the first dealer training meeting of shaping elite jumeijiapin 2017 was held at the headquarters of guerbang group

in March, the sky is high and the clouds are light, and the Spring Festival scenery is picturesque. From March 10 to 11, 2017, the first dealer training meeting of shaping elite jumeijiapin 2017 was held at the headquarters of guerbang group

in order to provide better services to customers, build a comprehensive brand team, and provide the most direct and effective training support for dealers, Tailin technology specially organized this training. Franchised dealers and store managers from all over the country participated in this training meeting to seek common development. During the two-day training meeting, the students returned with full load

at the beginning of the training, the marketing director and the person in charge of each module will explain in detail the store operation standards and specifications, customer service process, measuring scale and installation standards

then Mr. Yin ZeJian, the general manager of the company, Mr. Yang Lang, the director of the product center, Mr. Yu Tao, the control center, Mr. Yang jungao, the marketing director, and Mr. He Rengui, the technical director, and other senior leaders communicated with dealers about the product R & D direction, understood their ideas, and provided the basis for the company's product R & D direction

the training invited Professor duanxueming, a senior marketing expert, to give lectures on marketing innovation and 4.0 profit model. At the same time, the course was interspersed with case scenarios and management games with situational interaction, so that the students could experience and cause deep thinking, help the students understand the core problems to be solved in the market and product positioning, and break through the marketing process planning and key points. The application of innovation and experiential marketing in practical operation, It aims to change the marketing concept and thought of managers, improve the efficiency of enterprise management and the overall management level, and create an efficient cooperative team

this training also specially invited Mr. Liu Wei, chairman of guerbang group, to give a lecture and share, starting from the corporate vision, to elaborate the company's development goals, production base layout and the company's strategic plan for the next five years. He said that to be an enterprise at present, it is no longer by seizing the opportunities brought by policy transformation, nor by taking the lead in breaking into the chaotic business sea with courage to succeed, nor by relying on solid products and perfect services to be invincible; At present, to be an enterprise, it is necessary to synchronize the two main axes of products and brands in order to achieve long-term development. To be a century old enterprise, we must put into the hardships of grinding a sword for a century. This is a great vision that needs to be constantly described, and it also requires all Tailin people to work together for it

learning and innovation are the key to an enterprise's invincibility and the only way to progress. In this era of great integration and cooperation, leading partners to learn and make progress together is the way. Tailin technology also believes that through this training, we will achieve mutual benefit and win-win results for consumers, dealers and manufacturers. In the future, Tailin technology will go further and describe the brand blueprint of jumeijiapin together





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