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Chinese style curtains perfectly reflect this point, which not only integrates Chinese traditional culture, but also uses cutting-edge science and technology to perfectly combine the two. See how molden curtains match

with the progress of social development, emerging science and technology are popularized everywhere. While new things develop and progress, we often ignore the continuation of traditional culture. Chinese culture has a long history, and many objects are the carrier of history and culture. The traditional Chinese culture is placed in the product of modernization, so that it can be preserved and has a long history

the home furnishing industry is one of its main manifestations. When designing curtains, curtain designers will combine Chinese traditional culture, integrate these traditional arts into curtains, and bring them into our lives, so that we can better understand the breadth and depth of Chinese culture, get rid of worldly manipulation, and add more dignity to life

Chinese style curtains perfectly reflect this point, which not only integrates Chinese traditional culture, but also uses cutting-edge science and technology to perfectly combine the two. While we have visual beauty and perfect curve, we can also feel the knowledge of traditional culture

the beauty of Chinese style is engraved in the bones, pecking and drinking, graceful and graceful. Like the gurgling stream, continuous and continuous; It is like the bell and the evening drum, thick and distant. Presenting the elegance and aestheticism of the new Chinese style in the modern room is mostly to show the complex and spirituality in the mix and match techniques

don't ask for half a life of flashiness, but for a quiet life. If you want to decorate a curtain for such a room, you need to fully consider the charm and style created by the new Chinese style home, and create a beautiful artistic conception on this basis

The popularity of style was not caused by a single factor, and was inseparable from the public aesthetic environment at that time. Chinese style has always been favored by customers. Today, let's talk about the characteristics of Chinese style. According to the feedback of customers, combined with the actual effect picture display, let's feel the different beauty of Chinese style together

characteristics of Chinese curtains

Chinese style interior fabric curtain design pays attention to simplicity and elegance. Through the texture matching of the curtain, it can reflect the rich traditional cultural characteristics, so that people can easily understand its cultural connotation and convey the humanistic message at a glance. Especially our countrymen, will feel more affinity

the patterns have a variety of forms and rich meanings. I believe that the traditional Chinese auspicious patterns can be found on the cloth board, plus the texture pattern of the curtain itself, it will be more perfect. It looks like fortune and longevity; Everything goes well. Chinese knots and other patterns are also the most representative and common

generally, Chinese style curtains sold in the market are made of pure cotton. On the one hand, they look more pure and natural visually, which is in line with the positioning of Chinese style. On the other hand, Chinese people have a special preference for pure cotton products when shopping, so most Chinese style curtains are made of pure cotton

collocation of Chinese curtains

the collocation and use of double-layer fabrics can better adjust the light. Generally, the outer layer of fabric is thicker, and there is also a thin layer of satin fabric at the bottom, which has strong shading; If there is solid wood furniture at home, it can reduce the damage of light exposure to the furniture and prolong the service life of the furniture

try to be versatile in the choice of color, or choose a tone consistent with the space environment. You can combine the overall color of the living room with the color of the background wall. Only when there are few kinds of colors in the overall space and they echo each other, can they appear particularly harmonious

we must pay attention to the choice of cloth and color, because Chinese curtains generally choose thick cotton, hemp, or nylon materials, or use the opposite light silk or tulle materials. The color is mainly simple and stable tones, and gray is also a good recommendation

fireworks in the world,

actually make people so infatuated,

after all, what is the most romantic practice in home

the color and taste of residence,

is the ultimate impression brought by the soft curtain,

can be elegant and charming,

can also be leisure and interest,

taste life, enjoy life, and fall in love with Chinese style

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