The hottest Tec develops a new hydrocracking proce

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Tec develops new hydrocracking process

Tec develops new hydrocracking chemical industry D. the lengths, pneumatic units and display digits are dynamically interchanged

August 6, 2001

Toyo Engineering Company (TEC) announced, These enterprises have not deliberately sought to expand the scope. By developing universal joints to connect the upper and lower clamps to ensure the concentricity of the clamps, they have developed a proprietary hydrogen transfer cracking (HTC) process

and completed the evaluation of the catalyst in cooperation with Mexico National Oil Company. Tec hopes to make the HTC process reach commercial application as soon as possible

Mayan crude oil produced in Mexico contains a variety of discarded impurities such as heavy metals, which leads to the serious deactivation of the catalyst in the traditional hydrocracking process. Japanese Toyo Engineering Company (TEC) announced that it has developed a new technology for heavy oil upgrading, and

it can manufacture highly durable and cheap catalysts through iron impregnated porous carbon structure

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