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Teams' compliance recording is becoming increasingly important

at Verint virtual, a recent conference of Verint, we jointly held a partner meeting with Microsoft and UBS to study the compliance problems caused by the increasing popularity of osoftteams around Micr, which is a kind of analog electrical signal. As expressed in the expert group discussion, Microsoft teams has always been at the forefront of this transition, but for regulated enterprises, there is a compliance gap that needs to be bridged before they use all the available communication modes in the platform

many organizations (including financial services, healthcare, energy and utilities, the public sector and others that will benefit from this technology) are regulated in one way or another. Such external regulations, industry standards and internal policies often require the capture, storage and monitoring of voice and electronic communications related to business activities

in this case, the calls and meetings of teams should be automatically recorded according to the requirements of relevant companies or regulatory policies for subsequent processing, supervision, monitoring and preservation

in response to this, Microsoft recently announced the long-awaited universal availability of APIs that allow it to provide policy based teams recording solutions for partners (such as Verint) that are not expected by manufacturers and customers about any damage to their products. Some of these solutions can not only capture and store data within the specified data retention period, but also have the ability to retrieve, playback, mark and analyze data, so as to enhance compliance, reduce the risk of employee misconduct, and conduct continuous communication monitoring

the stringent requirements of some regulations may hinder the ability to adopt teams without such tools

competitive pressure of collaborative compliance

therefore, in order to bridge this compliance gap,

enterprises must consider many potential competitive requirements:

01 make the best response to regulatory requirements:

strict compliance obligations will especially affect some vertical markets, such as financial services. In order to conduct business within the compliance scope of these industries and meet strict record keeping with the highest quality and reliability, data sovereignty, monitoring and reporting rules are mandatory. Teams communication and meetings should be covered in your voice and ECOMS compliance related efforts like any other element in your communication environment

02 achieve the best balance between business productivity and compliance:

deploying microsoftteams without a compliant recording system may be a difficult balancing act. Do you restrict its use to non regulated employees, which affects productivity, employee participation and may disrupt workflow? Do you promote it to everyone, but with the escalation of mediation and elimination of people's economic tension, such as aerospace, national defense, kerosene chemical industry, transportation and so on, you have to take the risk of fines, which may cause loss of market share and damage to reputation? Or did you completely delay the deployment of teams and risk losing your competitive advantage? Reliable, policy based, compliant recording technology is the key to ensuring that these problems are avoided, that teams collaborate and continue to comply with regulatory requirements

03 identify the best technology that meets the compliance requirements:

choosing the best solution for your business will not only evaluate the ability to record team interactions, but also include the maximum reliability, seamless integration with other business interaction channels, and easy-to-use access control of recorded data (a long time after capture and recording). Choosing the right technology can bring great benefits to it and compliance departments, which can help them ensure that team interactions of all regulatory users are automatically recorded and used for processing, structuring, summarizing and analyzing in the future

choose the right compliance recording technology

in many regulated enterprises, how to find a balance between digital collaboration and compliance is an ongoing challenge, and with the rise of remote work arrangements, rethinking the need for collaborative office compliance has never been more important

as commented in our recent "buyer's Guide" e-book, there are some essential functions and key issues when evaluating such solutions for a highly regulated environment

how can automated and unified compliance technology help you capture all the communication and collaboration of teams? Can this solution be used with all the communication modes available in microsoftteams digital calls and conferences - not only voice, but also chat, video, screen sharing and other forms of collaboration

how to simplify the deployment, maintenance and expansion of recording infrastructure? What delivery modes are available? How does the platform support management and user configuration

what specific security and flexibility features are you looking for to maintain compliance? How can you meet strict data sovereignty requirements while maintaining the requirements of data integrity ISO 11439, ISO 9809, ECE r 110 and other specifications

in addition to recording team interactions to meet overall compliance, how can you better manage and analyze in order to obtain value from recorded data

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