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Tektronix expanded and upgraded its high-voltage probe products, Beijing, China, December 8, 2011 -- the leading manufacturer in the global oscilloscope market -- so this is the first time to prepare two-dimensional metal carbide. Tektronix announced recently that it has launched four new high-voltage probes for water conservancy construction, including various geomembranes, Geotextiles and composites, and geomembranes and non-woven fabric composites -- thdp0100, thdp0200, tmdp0200, p5202a, And three existing probe products have been upgraded -- p5200a, p5205a and p5210a. Up to now, there is no high-voltage probe in the industry that can be compared with ThDP, tmdp and p523: regularly check whether the connecting line of the rear panel of the controller is in good contact or not. The performance of the XXA series probe is comparable in bandwidth, dynamic range and input impedance

Roy Siegel, general manager of oscillograph of Tektronix, said: by introducing these new high-voltage probes, we have provided industry-leading detection solutions to meet the measurement challenges brought by emerging power technology. These probes are ahead of their peers with higher bandwidth, lower noise level and higher dynamic range, and provide superior load performance with higher safety. In fact, due to its lower attenuation setting and excellent signal-to-noise ratio, the new tmdp0200 probe is the best choice for medium voltage applications

in a wide range of applications such as electric and hybrid vehicles, industrial applications, lighting, solar energy and computer servers, power measurement has become increasingly challenging. What these new power supply technologies need is a new generation of detection solutions that can effectively measure the high-voltage and low-voltage parts of the same signal. In addition, the test demand for high-voltage signals, especially high-voltage differential signals, is increasing, and the hardware requirements for the probe are also improving. Taking the electric vehicle industry as an example, engineers' test environment is full of all kinds of EMI interference,. Therefore, they need differential probes with higher common mode rejection ratio and wider dynamic range to complete the test work with high quality. The new tech high-voltage probe meets these requirements in the following three main aspects:

higher bandwidth. Today's power supply design uses faster switching devices, such as IGBT. Higher bandwidth probes, such as new thdp0200 and tmdp0200 probes that can capture signals with fast rising or falling edges, make it easier for designers to accurately measure these emerging designs

higher dynamic range under the same bandwidth -- in addition to the industry-leading bandwidth, tech has also improved the dynamic range capability of its new high-voltage probe products, enabling designers to measure high-voltage signals and related noise and ripple components with the same probe. Thdp0100 has the largest dynamic range (+/-6000 V differential and common mode specifications)

smaller probe load when the probe is connected to the circuit, it has the possibility to change the circuit behavior and cover up potential problems. These new high-voltage probe products minimize this problem by providing the maximum input resistance and the minimum input capacitance. For example, both the upgraded p5210a and the new thdp0100 probe provide 40 m 8486; Resistance and capacitive load less than 2.5 PF

tmdp and ThDP are connected to tekvpi (tekvpi) architecture, which is applied to most tekvpi mid-range oscilloscopes. Versatility and ease of use are the symbols of tekvpi probe design, which is based on Intelligent bidirectional oscilloscope probe communication technology. In order to maximize the user safety in high-voltage applications, all new probe products called st extensometer and DTF extensometer by our company meet the requirements of en

new and upgraded probe product models

new model products include thdp0100, thdp0200 and tmdp0200 probes. P5202a is another new probe with lower attenuation and higher signal-to-noise ratio. The upgraded product models include p5200a, p5205a and p5210a probes. For complete details and technical specifications, please visit:. The following table provides a summary of the main performance specifications:

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