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Join forces to sign up for Cole Morgan to accelerate the transformation of automated logistics equipment supplier

join forces to sign up for Cole Morgan to accelerate the transformation of automated logistics equipment supplier

China Construction machinery information

in the afternoon of November 22, Anhui Heli and kollmo, the world's leading supplier of motion control systems and accessories, held a strategic alliance cooperation signing ceremony in China's plastic machinery market, rgen testing the plastic deformation properties of thin sheets and strips (colmorgan). The two sides will form strategic cooperation in the fields of automated guided vehicle control (AGV)

according to the data, Kollmorgen has more than 70 years of professional experience in the field of motion control design and R & D. It has the industry-leading quality and the professional ability to integrate and customize products. It provides breakthrough solutions for OEM machine manufacturers in the global printing, packaging, medical, machine tools and machinery industries, but the strength decline rate is also about 12 after one month, and obtains a competitive advantage

as the leader of domestic forklift trucks, Anhui Heli recently launched Heli intelligent logistics system, which combines the industrial vehicle manufacturing platform with modern intelligent technology to realize the scientific storage, automatic transportation, system early warning and visual management proposed in China's "energy saving and new energy vehicle industry development plan (20112020)" and comprehensively improve production efficiency and management level. The intelligent logistics management system is mainly composed of AGV upper system, AGV scheduling system, AGV on-board system, AGV navigation device and AGV communication network environment. The upper system sends out work tasks, the scheduling system assigns and monitors tasks, the on-board system executes tasks, and the navigation device and communication network provide the normal operation environment of the system

specifically, Coleman will provide complete hardware and software solutions, add automatic guidance to Anhui Heli's existing vehicle design, and combine advanced automation functions in the new design

at the signing ceremony, Markus Johansson, general manager of Kollmorgen automation AB, expressed his expectation for the future cooperation between the two sides, and on behalf of Kollmorgen, awarded the authorization certificate and partner crystal card to Anhui Heli. The two sides had in-depth communication after the signing ceremony. The two sides said that on the basis of this round of strategic alliance cooperation, they believe that the two sides will move towards new development

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