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Join hands with "new" to build the future Zoomlion participated in the first "China Asia Europe Expo"

join hands with "new" to build the future Zoomlion participated in the first "China Asia Europe Expo"

China Construction machinery information

Guide: from September 1 to 5, 2011, 27 ministries and commissions including the Ministry of Commerce Xinjiang Weiwu, we can know that the content of the license agreement will enable Raymond composite materials company to commercialize the production of carbon fiber "faster than any other enterprise in the current market". The first China Asia Europe Expo co sponsored by the people's Government of Xinjiang Autonomous Region and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps was grandly held in Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center. Zoomlion, as a leading enterprise in China's construction machinery and equipment manufacturing

from September 1 to 5, 2011, the first "China Asia Europe Expo", CO sponsored by 27 ministries and commissions including the Ministry of Commerce of China, the people's Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps, was grandly held in Xinjiang International Convention and Exhibition Center. Zoomlion, as a leading enterprise in the manufacturing of construction machinery and equipment in China, made a strong attack and made its debut at this international trade event with 24 products in eight categories: concrete machinery, engineering hoisting machinery, tower hoisting machinery, environmental sanitation machinery, road machinery, piling machinery and truck mounted hoisting machinery

special products on the exhibition site help Xinjiang's great development

during the national "12th Five Year Plan", the central government plans to invest more than 200 billion yuan in Xinjiang for infrastructure construction. Projects such as roads and bridges, high-speed rail, water conservancy and electric power have been launched one after another, and construction machinery products have become a hot spot in local demand. Therefore, the "China Eurasia Expo" also set up a separate exhibition area for the "construction machinery and vehicles" industry for the first time. Zoomlion, as a leading enterprise in the global construction machinery industry, opened a venue of more than 2000 square meters and a novel and atmospheric display platform, which became a highlight of the exhibition

Zoomlion exhibition stand

on the magnificent Zoomlion exhibition stand, the 52 meter long arm concrete pump truck is towering, the 220 ton truck crane is magnificent, TCT, the TCT tower foundation is magnificent, the environmental protection Blizzard deicing truck is ready to go, "e" series excavator, zr250b rotary drilling rig are majestic... 24 products, each classic, attracted the visitors' tutes

Zoomlion has always adhered to the belief that it should be customer-oriented and provide products urgently needed for the construction of Xinjiang according to the actual needs of Xinjiang. It is reported that Zoomlion's participating products in this "China Asia Europe Expo" are carefully selected from the company's full range of products specifically for the current needs of the Xinjiang market. Among them, the TCT tower crane exhibited by Zoomlion construction and hoisting machinery branch adopts the design without tower top and has strong anti-interference ability, which is particularly suitable for construction with limited site; All concrete pump trucks produced by Zoomlion concrete machinery branch use pressurized oil tank technology, which can effectively improve the oil absorption environment of concrete pump truck oil pump, reduce the noise of oil pump and prolong the service life of oil pump in Plateau and cold environment; The road rollers exhibited in Xinjiang by Zoomlion pavement branch have large exciting force, and they are all slope climbing experts, which can adapt to various landforms in Xinjiang...

the products exhibited by Zoomlion this time not only conform to the actual situation of Xinjiang construction, but also have a variety of products that have been specially improved and designed for Xinjiang market. Zoomlion engineering crane branch has added three-stage sand and dust filtration and three-stage fuel oil filtration systems to the engineering cranes used in Xinjiang, so as to effectively extend the service life of the equipment and increase the safety performance of the machinery; Zoomlion environmental sanitation machinery branch has specially added four chains to the loading mechanism of the garbage compression vehicle and equipped with "Xinjiang special" large garbage cans according to the work needs of environmental sanitation personnel in Xinjiang

Zoomlion tower crane

famous for its wholehearted service inside and outside Tianshan Mountain and recognized by customers

from the highways running through northern and southern Xinjiang to the water conservancy projects all over Tianshan Mountain and outside, Zoomlion has always been at the forefront of building Xinjiang, winning the recognition of many customers and establishing a good reputation with superior product quality and humanized complete set of services. In order to adapt to the vast territory of Xinjiang, Zoomlion has set up service stations and parts warehouses in Urumqi, Hami, Kuitun, Yining, Karamay, Korla, Aksu, Kuqa, Kashgar, Shihezi and other cities, striving to respond to the service needs of customers within 24 hours and repair and maintain the products purchased by customers in time. At the same time, Zoomlion also actively carried out special customer service activities such as "serving thousands of miles in Xinjiang"

on the opening night of the "China Asia Europe Expo" on September 1, at the "join hands with the" new "to build the future" - Zoomlion Xinjiang customer exchange dinner held at Xinjiang Ruihao International Hotel, Zoomlion gathered with more than 200 customers and friends from 14 regions, prefectures and cities in Xinjiang to toast China and apply to the despicable competition environment. Zoomlion's business in Xinjiang is booming And invite experts from more enterprises to give speeches! Better and stronger, I wish both sides a harmonious cooperation, win-win results and lasting friendship in the photometric test of road lighting lamps GB 9468 (8). At the dinner, Zoomlion rewarded customers in Xinjiang who took the lead in using Zoomlion's 2011 innovative products to thank them for their support and encouragement for Zoomlion's product innovation. At the meeting, a harmonious and happy customer networking activity was also held

according to statistics, Zoomlion Xinjiang subsidiary continued to increase its sales in the first half of 2011 through its efforts, which has far exceeded the total sales of last year! Take Zoomlion sanitation machinery branch as an example. The company sold 45million yuan in 2010. In the first half of this year, Urumqi alone received an order of 20million yuan for snow removal vehicles; Zoomlion construction and hoisting machinery branch achieved a 732% increase in sales in Xinjiang market in the first half of this year compared with last year

relevant personnel of Zoomlion said: Xinjiang has become a hot land for the construction machinery industry to compete. Zoomlion has always regarded Xinjiang as an important market with great potential. With the theme of "working together with the" new "to build the future", Zoomlion will display products that are most suitable for the local market in Xinjiang. It is precisely to take practical actions to offer gifts to the great development of Xinjiang

"guided by customer needs and guaranteed by high-quality service", Zoomlion will use safe and reliable products and fast and professional services to fulfill its commitment to "create a better future with the people of Xinjiang"

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