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Tecent ICs operation and maintenance audit system helps Bank of Tianjin operation and maintenance security

at present, Bank of Tianjin proposes the need to strengthen the centralized operation and maintenance management of IT infrastructure in the data center, effectively control operational risks, and strengthen internal security protection in its daily maintenance. Avoid the loss of core data in Bank of Tianjin due to improper operation; Add flexible authorization management mechanism and hierarchical management mechanism in the management process; Effectively prevent unauthorized illegal computer access to the network to steal important information and other information security risks

facing the problems in the operation and maintenance of Bank of Tianjin, Dexun technology puts forward the solution of operation and maintenance audit system in ICs according to the complex technical environment and application requirements, so as to meet the specific requirements of Bank of Tianjin managers for the security in the operation of the data center

Bank of Tianjin has achieved a high degree of integration of operation and maintenance management after installing and deploying the operation and maintenance audit system scheme in ICs, truly implementing centralized operation and maintenance management of the bank's internal IT infrastructure based on the web interface, and dividing the roles and authorizing all kinds of management personnel of Bank of Tianjin; The scheme can audit in the whole life cycle, assist managers to effectively prevent risks and accurately locate fault nodes, and highly prevent operational risks; The operation and maintenance audit in ICs can centralize the management of bank equipment accounts, realize the automatic collection of accounts, change the password regularly or periodically, reduce the workload of internal personnel, improve the management efficiency, and ensure that the accounts comply with the security specifications; The system has a perfect identification system. Each operation and maintenance personnel is assigned a unique ICs platform account, which is bound to the login target host account. Auditors can see its access path and operation process at a glance, so as to improve the efficiency of fault identification; Through the deployment and implementation of the operation and maintenance audit system scheme in ICs, Bank of Tianjin can better meet the requirements of information security level protection

the deployment diagram of the operation and maintenance audit system scheme in Tecent ICs is as follows:

this scheme has the following deployment characteristics:

first, it is safe and reliable: the ICs deployment adopts dual computer hot standby to realize load balancing. If one of the equipment fails, it will not affect the continuous operation of the bank's operation and maintenance business, and effectively improve the stability of the company's internal system

second, data backup: the dual computer mode can automatically backup important databases, and can customize the backup time, backup cycle, and save path, so as to ensure the integrity and security of system data, with disaster prevention and recovery functions

third, easy deployment: the system adopts the bypass deployment mode, which supports web access without changing the original network structure, and does not need to install any agents

fourth, third-party integration: ICs provides data interaction interfaces with the third-party syslog log log management system and the third-party authentication system to realize system integration management

fifth, accurate early warning: the restrictions on key commands, specified operations, and real-time e-mail alarm function make the security risks of the data room more timely and accurate

the ICs internal operation and maintenance audit solution proposed by Dexun technology is easy to operate, efficient, safe and reliable. We will improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance management, greatly improve the safety factor of the project invested and constructed by Tangshan Zhonghao Chemical Co., Ltd., effectively reduce the frequency of failures, and ensure the objective traceability of problems through the audit of the whole life cycle of the operation process. The effective adoption of the ICs internal operation and maintenance audit system solution of Dexun technology can meet the internal security needs of Bank of Tianjin in different dimensions to the greatest extent, reduce the complexity and intensity of internal operation and maintenance audit, realize the centralized management of the operation process of the operation and maintenance administrator and the security audit of the whole operation and maintenance process, and establish a comprehensive IT infrastructure internal operation and maintenance audit system for the data center, While ensuring the operation and maintenance security of the data center in the communication industry to the greatest extent, we should effectively avoid the hidden dangers of information security of massive data in the industry

about datcent

since the proposal of made in China 2025, dexent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as dexent Technology), formerly known as Shanghai dexent Network System Co., Ltd., was founded in 2003. It is a high-tech enterprise focusing on data centers and providing IT infrastructure operation management solutions, products and services

as a well-known national brand in the field of it facility operation and management in the data center, Dexun technology improves the IT management mode with technology and innovation, and is committed to improving users' it operation and management ability. So far, Dexun technology has successfully developed dozens of software and hardware products, and has applied for and obtained more than 60 invention patents and software copyrights. Many products and technologies have won honorary awards such as Jiangsu excellent software product award, China excellent software product award, Nanjing Science and technology progress award, Jiangsu Science and technology progress award and the second prize of national science and technology progress award, and have successfully won awards for telecom operators, finance, energy, government More than 2000 industry users such as enterprises and institutions provide system solutions and services

SNS has a large coverage of social media users. It has an operation management center and R & D center in Nanjing, a marketing service center in Beijing, and service agencies in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Jinan, Hohhot, Xi'an and other large and medium-sized cities. The company has a top professional service team in the industry, and has established strategic partnerships with dozens of manufacturers such as IBM, CA software, Dell software, HP, CICA, etc., to provide users with all-round high-quality IT consulting and services at any time

Dexun technology adheres to the responsibility of realizing customers' needs, adheres to the attitude and concept of integrity, creation, and sharing, and based on the forefront of the industry, constantly explores new ways of IT management, continues to innovate, and always leads domestic enterprises to develop a new direction in the operation and management of it infrastructure in the data center of overseas mineral projects through equity participation

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