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"Independent bag" bagged tea leads the new trend of Sichuan teahouses

Sichuan is not only the capital of leisure, but also the capital of tea drinking. The number of teahouses and teahouses ranks first in the country. According to incomplete statistics, there are about 3000 teahouses and teahouses all over Chengdu, and more than 450 high-end teahouses are leading the unique tea drinking culture. In order to let more tea drinkers drink authentic Sichuan tea, the Xinchuan tea alliance unit has specially customized an independent exquisite small bag of packaged tea for Sichuan teahouses, which will soon be available. It is understood that the small tea bags specially launched have achieved stable quality, sufficient quantity, clear brand manufacturers, and significant anti-counterfeiting marks

bagged tea leads the new trend of teahouses

Zhang Shimin, President of Sichuan specialty association, affirmed the above practice. He said that the quality of bulk tea, which has been used by many teahouses before, can not be guaranteed. The independent small package tea clearly indicates the manufacturer, origin, raw materials, contact information, etc., which can be said to be an effective control over fake and inferior tea. Small packages of tea can serve as archives, that is, the quality can be guaranteed, and once there is a problem, it can be traced back to the manufacturer; It can also play a role in ensuring that consumers can drink safe and healthy tea and promoting their own brands

secretary Liu of the Sichuan tea Association believes that as an enterprise of the Xinchuan tea alliance, the independent small packaging of manufacturers is oriented to the market, which eliminates the phenomenon of confusion of bulk tea, makes consumers feel at ease, improves the product grade, and plays a certain role in promoting the development of industry and enterprises

Wang Yun, director of the Tea Research Institute of Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, said that it is the most important thing to improve the taste of Sichuan tea and make Sichuan tea truly go global. The initiative of "Xinchuan tea alliance" promotes Xinchuan tea culture with a brand-new market management concept. For tea house operators, the authentic Sichuan tea brand can not only be guaranteed in quality, but also improve the reputation, brand and image of tea houses, It is indeed a great good thing to be advocated based on the fact that it is not encountered when moving the beam to rise and fall

new tea packaging ensures the rights and interests of consumers

the project team of "slurry polyethylene catalyst amplification preparation and industrial utilization experiment" and cooperative enterprises Jilin Petrochemical and Liaoyang Petrochemical have overcome many difficulties. Xie, President of Sichuan tea culture association, believes that the practice of "Xinchuan tea alliance" meets the current national requirements, food safety production, building a harmonious society, and promoting tea consumption and development. Small packages of tea have also changed the habit of waiters grasping tea with their hands when ordering tea, which is simple, hygienic and fast. At the same time, it is a great good thing to correctly guide consumption, advocate national drinking and promote tea culture. Consumers said that if the manufacturer can provide bagged tea with guaranteed quality and provide organic, green and pollution-free tea, 3. The measurement and control system is acceptable even at a higher price

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