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Production line project of tea beverage with an annual output of 15000 tons

I. project name

annual output 1 How much is it affected by the external macro environment? In this regard, the 50000 ton tea beverage production line

II. Project construction background and conditions

Fanchang County is located in the Wanjiang Development Zone of Shanghai Economic Zone. It is one of the national open cities - one of the counties under the jurisdiction of Wuhu City. Even if there is a fire, it is close to famous scenic spots such as Mount Huangshan and Mount Jiuhua, with convenient transportation, and is known as the gateway of Southern Anhui. Fanchang has the only national tea wholesale market in China - the first tea market in Jiangnan, with more than 1000 varieties, and is the largest tea trading market in China. Fanchang is close to the Yangtze River, and is extremely rich in high-quality water resources such as underground mineral water and Yangtze River water

according to relevant data, tea beverage is becoming the fastest growing soft drink variety because of its light, thirst quenching, natural and health-care characteristics. However, at present, Anhui has no tea beverage production enterprises when imposing any load. Therefore, investing in the construction of tea beverage production line in Fanchang area can make full use of the local rich raw material resources, preferential investment policies, existing stock assets and surrounding market demand, which has good development prospects and high economic benefits

III. project construction content and scale

build a tea beverage production line (500ml heat-resistant polyethylene bottle packaging, design speed of 200 bottles/min), forming an annual production scale of 15000 tons

IV. project investment estimation

the total investment is 16million yuan, including 13million yuan of fixed asset investment and 3million yuan of working capital investment

v. economic benefit analysis

the annual sales revenue is 72 million yuan, the profit is 7.2 million yuan, the tax is 3.6 million yuan, and the investment payback period is 2.2 years

VI. suggestions on cooperation conditions

require the foreign party to invest funds

VII. Suggestions on cooperation conditions

require the foreign party to invest funds

VIII. Introduction to the Chinese undertaker

Fanchang County water supply company is located in Chengguan Town, Fanchang County, with total fixed assets of 35.68 million yuan. It has a Yangtze River water supply line, a 10 story production scheduling building, a water purification plant and a midway regulation station. The production capacity is 50000 tons/day, and there are two standby deep-water wells with a production capacity of 8000 tons/day, of which the daily production capacity of well 3 is 5000 tons, and the water quality meets the drinking standard of mineral water

the water purification plant of the company is located in Xingang Town, Fanchang, covering an area of 37000 M2 (55 mu), including 23000 M2 (35 mu) of empty space, complete office logistics, water and electricity supply and other infrastructure in the plant. It is an ideal place for building tea beverage production lines, which exceeds the existing prepreg. The midway regulation station is located in Chengguan Town, Fanchang County, close to well 3, covering an area of 10000 M2 (15 mu), including 36000 M2 (5 mu) of empty land. The station has complete infrastructure and is also an ideal place for building a tea and beverage production line

IX. contact information

contact unit: Wuhu development and Planning Commission

Fanchang County Development and Planning Commission

Fanchang County water supply company

contact person: Lu Zhanli, GUI huanghao, Deng Fanjian


Fax: 0553 -


information source: Wuhu, China

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