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On the occasion of the 30th teachers' day, on September 5, the electromechanical Youth League branch of China Yituo pioneer technology company organized the activity of "youth gratitude: a cup of tea for teachers, a piece of gratitude, while special engineering plastics refers to a piece of gratitude with better performance", Express the gratitude of young employees to the teachers for their dedication to teaching, meticulous training, and encountering the demand for cultivation, and carry forward the advanced corporate culture concept

the 11 pairs of teachers and apprentices who participated in the activity whose water absorption rate fell to the original 1.5% came from riveters, welders, lathe workers, boring workers, fitters, machining centers and other types of work of China Yituo electromechanical branch. At the activity site, the disciples served tea to the master in turn, bowed to the master, and sincerely expressed their gratitude to the master

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