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Shi Jianhua, China Association of automobile manufacturers: the automotive industry has ushered in the opportunity of intelligent and electric transformation

new energy vehicle manufacturing, as a new product in the entire automotive industry. 2. The safety device industry of electronic tensile testing machine, the industrial system has gradually formed and began to enter a new growth period. At present, the total amount of new energy vehicles and their proportion to the specific phenomenon are still very small, which can not change the pattern of China's automobile industry for the time being, but we see that the trend and popularity of this industrial reform is very obvious, and it is also very in line with the needs of future automobile industrial structure adjustment

new energy vehicles not only change the driving mode of traditional vehicles, but also put forward higher standards and requirements for automotive manufacturing technology and intelligent application. Therefore, they provide better development opportunities for upstream manufacturing enterprises and downstream high-quality supporting and service enterprises

with the overall enhancement of new energy vehicle research and development technology, the automotive industry has also ushered in the transformation of intelligence and electrification. The requirements for chip integration performance of automotive control are becoming higher and higher, and the application prospect of intelligent mobile terminals is broad. At present, China has become a major country in the production and marketing of new energy vehicles in the world. The purchasing power of consumption has further expanded from public transport procurement to private consumption. The new energy vehicle market has gradually changed from policy driven to market driven. In the future, the domestic automotive service market will also usher in new opportunities and challenges

can there be sparks of innovation between new energy automobile OEMs and the aftermarket? This will also be the core theme of this smart travel Summit Forum. I hope that the special guests of the forum can give more constructive guidance for business guests when exploring the future development of OEMs and post market

2018 is an important year for the rapid development of new energy vehicles. Vehicle electrification has shifted from the low threshold subsidy stage to the high-end development guiding subsidy stage. New energy vehicle enterprises have begun to build a platform, intelligent and electrical core ecosystem of electric vehicles. The growth space in the research field related to industrial aesthetics is being fully opened, accelerating technological innovation and gradually moving towards industrialization to promote the development of new energy

finally, I wish today's meeting a complete success again. I wish all guests good health and family reunion during the Mid Autumn Festival. Thank you

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