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Tea packaging method (Part 2)


Because tea contains chlorophyll and other substances, it is necessary to block light when packaging tea to prevent the photocatalytic reaction of chlorophyll and other components. In addition, ultraviolet radiation is also an important factor causing the deterioration of tea. Shading packaging technology can be used to solve this kind of problem. Since most plastic films have a light transmittance of 80% - 90%, in order to reduce the transmittance, ultraviolet inhibitors can be added to the packaging materials or the light transmittance can be reduced by printing and coloring. In addition, composite materials based on aluminum foil or vacuum aluminum coating can be used for shading packaging

gas barrier

the fragrance of tea is very easy to lose, so materials with good air tightness must be used for fragrance preservation packaging. In addition, tea is very easy to absorb the odor of the outside world, so that the aroma of tea is infected. Therefore, the peculiar smell produced by packaging materials and packaging technology should be strictly controlled

preventing the rise of high temperature will accelerate the oxidation reaction of tea and cause the gloss of tea surface to fade. Therefore, tea is suitable for preservation at low temperature

packaging methods of tea

the packaging of tea should be designed according to its packaging requirements. The commonly used packaging methods mainly include the following

metal can packaging metal cans are made of tinned sheet steel. They are square and cylindrical in shape, and their covers are single-layer cover and double-layer cover. From the perspective of sealing, there are two types: general tank and sealed tank. Generally, the tank is packed with deoxidizer to remove the oxygen in the package. Sealed cans are mostly used for inflatable and vacuum packaging. The protective effect of metal cans on tea is better than that of composite films, and the appearance is beautiful and noble

composite film bag packaging at present, more and more tea packages on the market are packed with composite film bags. There are many kinds of composite films for packaging tea, such as moisture-proof cellophane/disconnect power cord polyethylene/paper/aluminum foil/polyethylene, biaxial stretched polypropylene/aluminum foil/polyethylene, polyethylene/polyvinylidene chloride/polyethylene, etc. the composite film has excellent gas resistance, moisture resistance, fragrance retention, odor resistance, etc. The composite film with aluminum foil has better properties, such as excellent shading. The composite tensile and zigzag performance tests are carried out on the universal testing machine. The packaging forms of film bags are various, including three side sealing shape, self-supporting bag shape, folding shape, etc. In addition, the composite film bag has good printability. The concrete pressure testing machine is a frequently used testing instrument. Using it as a sales package design will have a unique effect

plastic molded containers are packed by polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and other molded containers. Because of their poor sealing performance, they are mostly used as outer packaging, and their inner packaging is mostly sealed with plastic bags. Plastic containers are generous and beautiful, with good display effect

the lined bag box is made of plastic film layer or cardboard coated with moisture-proof paint as the packaging material. This kind of packaging not only has the function of composite film bag packaging, but also has the protective and rigid properties of carton packaging. If plastic bags are made into small packages inside, the protective effect is better

paper bag packaging

this is a kind of bag packaging with thin filter paper as the material, which is usually called tea bag, and when used, it is put into the tea set together with the paper bag. Early tea bags were added with bag lines to meet the convenience of multiple soaking. Considering the requirements of environmental protection, tea bags without bag lines are gradually popular. The purpose of packing with filter paper bags is mainly to improve the leaching rate, and also to make full use of the tea powder in the tea factory

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