Don't always fool people with nano technology

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Don't always fool people with "nano"

don't always fool people with "nano"

August 9, 2001

nowadays, "nano" has become the most fashionable high-tech term. In the shopping mall, all kinds of nano refrigerators, nano washing machines, nano silks, nano water, nano oil, and even real estate developers have launched the banner of "nano

meters", which will also affect the structure and function of soil ecosystems. It seems that all products with the word "nano" are high-tech, and

represents the trend. As a result, some people are willing to spend four or five hundred yuan more for the word "nano" of a "nano refrigerator", and the price of a pair of shoe cushions with money has soared due to the label of "nano"

"nano" is so "magical"

as soon as I walked into the home appliance Department of a large commercial building in Beijing, I was shocked by the large-scale posters of nano products on the scene

"look at this new nano refrigerator this year. Its bacteriostasis, strength, corrosion prevention, mildew prevention and pollution prevention effects are much better than ordinary refrigerators: its long-term antibacterial ability is 15 years, its odor removal effect can be doubled, and the fresh-keeping period of fruits and vegetables can be extended by 2 to 5 times!" The salesperson's enthusiastic introduction attracted many buyers. The identification of its products by the Chinese Institute of preventive medicine and the Bureau of light industry posted on the refrigerator showed that its nano origin was beyond doubt. As a result, this kind of nano

meter refrigerator suddenly became a hot commodity. Nano washing machines, nano sunscreen products and other products sold in the commercial building are also favored by customers because they are "close" to "nano"

in addition to the "nano" signs in these household appliances or cosmetics, even ordinary insoles have also targeted the fashionable but not very clear term "nano". In a shopping mall, a pair of money insoles

became "close" to "nano", and then changed. The value doubled, and the price soared to about 25 yuan

it was also found in the interview that it was surprising that customers who spent a lot of money on nano products knew so little about the interactive analysis

technology of nano

experimental devices. Mr. Luo, who plans to buy a nano washing machine, said: I just heard the salesperson say that the nano washing machine adds a layer of nano composite materials to the outer wall of the ordinary drum washing machine. As for what nano materials are and what nano technologies are used, it's a picture source: camness University/Rico welzel doesn't know. Ms. Zhang, who just bought nano sunscreen, said: nano products are high-tech products made after more than ten years of research. Since they are high-tech products, the effect should be much better than ordinary products.

What's the matter with Nanotechnology?

nano (nm) is actually a unit of measurement. One nanometer is one billionth of one meter, equivalent to the length of 10 hydrogenogen

particles lined up one by one, The diameter of a human hair is equivalent to 60000 nanometers. Scientists have a strict definition of nano

Technology: in the nano size range, new objects with specific functions can be assembled and manufactured by directly manipulating single atoms and molecules. When the material particles are smaller than the nanometer level, this kind of material can be called nano materials

when the same substance is reduced to the nanometer level, its physical and chemical properties will change greatly. According to nano experts, at present, the development and application in this field mainly use the special properties of nanoparticles, such as UV protection function, antibacterial property, anti-static function and so on. For example, some cosmetics with nano materials have strong sunscreen effect. In addition, it has the function of nanosizing the surface of materials and improving the strength of materials. Apply these properties of nano materials to daily necessities, so as to change and improve product performance and bring some changes to people's lives

an originally unfamiliar word has become fashionable and trendy overnight. In the face of wave after wave of nano

rice fever, experts remind that at present, real nano products are only limited to the laboratory stage. Academician Bai Chunli, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and chief scientist of nano meter research, said: "although nanotechnology has entered people's lives, nano materials are expected to have a wide and profound impact like information technology, which will be 20 or 30 years later."

many experts believe that at present, there is a bad tendency to hype nano commerce in the society: some indiscriminately flaunt their products as "nanotechnology" while the public is not very clear about the connotation of nano technology; Some have done a little bit of superficial work (such as adding some fine particles to the paint, adding some micro powder to the fabric, etc.), and they claim to have a "breakthrough" in the development of nanotechnology; Some also made false predictions in an attempt to make shareholders buy their shares. Taking "nano washing machine" as an example, the expert

said that "nano washing machine" can only be said to be a washing machine with nano materials added. Nano materials are only applied to the inner wall of the outer cylinder of the roller

washing machine, while the outer wall of the inner cylinder, which is most prone to dirt, has not been well solved because nano materials cannot be attached to the metal surface alone, It needs silica as the carrier and aluminum trioxide as the stabilizer to ensure the continuous and stable release of silver ions. If we insist on hanging nano materials on the outer wall of the stainless steel liner that is as smooth as a mirror, we also need to overcome the huge centrifugal force generated during drying and the Zhang

on the surface of the material. The identification of nano products is still blank

in the interview, it was also found that in order to confirm the credibility of its publicity, some nano products also showed the identification of their products approved by the state

Bureau of technical supervision and the China Institute of Preventive Medical Sciences and other relevant departments. The appraisers of relevant departments clarified that their identification results were only the identification of the efficacy of their products, not the identification of "whether the products contain nano materials"

the appraiser of the China Institute of preventive medicine said: for the identification of nano products, in terms of general efficacy, the identification process is completely consistent with that of general products of the same type. Only for its adhesion to water, deposition of harmful substances in the air, UV resistance, sterilization, anti-corrosion and other functions. Since the national regulations and policies on the comprehensive identification of nano products have not been issued, the identification of the content of nano materials in products and the specific components of nano materials have not been carried out. In other words, whether the samples of products with "nano" labels sent by the inspection unit really contain nano particles or not, so the material and its content are unidentifiable. (shenxiaofeng)

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