Domestic soda ash prices continued to rise after t

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After, the price of domestic soda ash continued to rise

the soda ash market in Shandong Province showed a slight rise. At present, the price of light alkali delivered to functional areas such as peak maintenance is about 1650 yuan/ton, and the price of heavy alkali delivered to functional areas is about yuan/ton, but the actual transaction price in the market is slightly lower. It is understood that the local energy consumption can also be reduced by 15% to 20%, the amount of paint can be reduced and the emission of carbon dioxide can be reduced. The demand situation of the downstream industry is acceptable, and the market transaction atmosphere is good, resulting in a slight increase in the price of soda ash. At present, the enterprise has just adjusted its quotation, and the downstream users are still in a wait-and-see situation. The future situation still needs to be further watched

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