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input carton forming equipment on Google, and 164000 duplicate items have not been eliminated, which shows that it has received attention

the manufacturing of paper packaging container manufacturing equipment is extensive and profound, including corrugated box manufacturing equipment, carton manufacturing equipment, honeycomb paperboard and carton production equipment, pulp mold production equipment, etc. few Chinese paper packaging product manufacturers can include all kinds of equipment, and get one or two essence can also show its style. Only take the carton forming machine as an example that can effectively avoid bleaching in China for a long time, not as four-color offset printing machine in China, A hundred flowers bloom

before introducing the manufacturers of carton forming equipment, we should still know a little about the domestic situation. According to Huicong's interview, at present, the carton forming in China is far from reaching the stage of automation popularization. The most primitive manual production is full of it, with a ratio of 90%. Its disadvantages in work efficiency, environmental protection and cost are obvious. If you don't want to make high-end high-quality boxes such as shoe boxes, shirt boxes, underwear boxes, gift boxes, food boxes, hardware boxes, etc. by hand, and the imported ones are too expensive, I'm afraid you can't afford them. Ruyi Dali and the United States need 5million equipment, Japan needs more than 2 million, and Germany needs more than 6 million. Unless large paper packaging container processing plants, they can't afford it. However, Chinese people's desire for development is as deep as the hearts of enthusiasts, and they instruct enterprises to carry out the declaration and formulation of a number of local and enterprise standards. The ruthlessness of the market economy lies in that fast fish eat slow fish, big fish eat small fish, and good fish eat bad fish. We must be soberly aware that the influx of foreign advanced carton forming equipment into China and the improvement of environmental performance requirements for cartons will be an inevitable trend, For example, in recent years, Wenzhou City, which almost surpassed Guangdong Province by taking the lead, in order to achieve the ambition of monopolizing the market of high-end cartons in Wenzhou, a printing company did not hesitate to spend a lot of money to introduce Italian carton forming equipment. As a result, customers with relevant needs have turned their eyes to it

unwilling to fall behind, professionals with a certain carton forming technology or industry background, after having an insight into the current situation and prospects of the market, have tried to occupy the market with localized cost performance and services by introducing technology or independently developing carton forming equipment. The market law is that rare things are more expensive. When the market of a product is not universal, the era of sudden profits exists in theory

Huicong, a leading B2B station in China, undoubtedly has certain reference value for the study of domestic carton forming equipment manufacturers and agents. Huicong launched the mercantile shop, which can be described as a suitable shop for all. There are all kinds of free or paid shops, attracting many businesses to open shops. In the search toolbar at the top of the screen on the HC360 homepage, the author input the carton forming machine. Without removing the duplicate strips, there are 117. The manufacturers or agents are mainly concentrated in Ruian, Jinjiang, Dongguan, Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan and other economically developed cities. After careful observation, some of these merchants are manufacturers and some are agents, and agents mostly act as agents for carton forming equipment of some famous manufacturers. Among them, Ruian Zhongke Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. released the most information about the intelligent automatic carton forming machine for the lid of the world. The author will introduce it below

supplier: Rui'an Zhongke Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.

equipment model: automatic box forming machine zk-660a

price: 850000 yuan

applicable: making high-end high-quality cartons (such as shoe boxes, shirt boxes, underwear boxes, gift boxes, food boxes, hardware boxes, etc.)

box making speed: one per minute

box size: maximum 400 300 130mm, minimum 120 80 20mm; The positioning and fitting error between the cardboard inner box and the glue coated paper shall be controlled within 0.5mm

performance: (excerpted from the author's interview draft "Zhongke: independent research and development will ride the wind and waves to the other side of victory"):

(1) intelligent full-automatic greatly improve work efficiency. The equipment has PLC programmable controller, photoelectric tracking system, touch screen human-machine interface, which makes the carton automatic paper feeding, gluing, cardboard forming and pasting four corners, positioning and fitting, automatic drawing, box entering, edge wrapping, ear folding and folding forming actions completed at one time. The equipment overcomes the problem that the handmade products are uneven, which cannot guarantee that improper production and disassembly will cause changes in the pendulum torque and impact center position; Quality defects

(2) meet environmental protection requirements. The equipment adopts environment-friendly and quick drying animal glue and jelly glue, which overcomes the characteristics of large moisture, easy deformation and wrinkling of traditional industrial white glue, meets the requirements of environmental protection products and meets the export requirements

(3) the paint and putty of machine 6 testing machine should have sufficient strength. After the efficiency is improved, the training cost is saved. Yu Peikuan analyzed that the printing and packaging factory has off-season and peak season throughout the year. In the peak season, the factory will increase personnel recruitment and training, making the factory a training school. In the off-season, relevant workers need to be dismissed, and the training cost is a headache for the factory. The intelligent automation of the carton forming machine of the heaven and earth cover solves these problems

(4) fast payback period. Yu Peikuan believes that the investment can be recovered in about seven months with the use of an intelligent fully automatic carton forming machine. At the station of Zhongke Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., the economic feasibility analysis of the full-automatic Tiandi cover carton forming machine tells people why the investment can be recovered in about 7 months

(5) the intelligent automatic paper box forming machine for the world cover has some advantages in terms of the glue used, the glue concentration control system, the corner adhesive tape used, the positioning and fitting control system, the degree of product specification, the operation speed, the workers required by the same workload, and the area occupied by the workshop

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