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With the arrival of the era of brand marketing, the competition among banks is becoming increasingly fierce. In order to stand out in the financial street where many banks converge, Tianjin Branch of Qilu bank, on the occasion of its first anniversary, selected the super large LED screen of China darcom to shape its own brand image and promote various financial businesses. Located at the intersection of Youyi North Road and Yong'an Road, the large LED screen of Zhongda Diantong is bright, beautiful and extremely conspicuous, attracting the attention of many passers-by. Under the unique visual experience, its unique sensory performance of full perspective and true color makes the promotion of synthetic resin products, the main component of Qilu Bank Tianjin Branch Finance, incisively and vividly. According to the relevant person in charge, the use of this large screen has made great efforts to improve the bank brand

with its novel playback form, wide viewing range and high-definition video screen, Zhongda led splicing display can not only focus on the eyes of target customers, but also quickly introduce new products to them. Qilu bank can also broadcast the information of different financial products such as funds, savings, insurance or brand image advertisements according to different periods of time, and can "provide real-time financial information, such as interest rates, exchange rates, etc., to increase customers' attention

Zhongda Diantong led splicing display screen not only enables Qilu Bank Tianjin branch to obtain a brilliant brand publicity effect. At the same time, compared with all kinds of outdoor paid dynamic video advertisements, Zhongda Diantong led splicing display has realized a low-cost and all-round brand marketing, and has long-term and intensive in-depth communication with the general public of Tianjin, which will imperceptibly affect the image of Qilu bank in the hearts of customers and make it fuller. The Chinese market will determine the future consumption limit of VOC materials. Repeated advertisements of financial products can also increase the familiarity of target customers, thereby improving the coverage of Qilu bank in Tianjin

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