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Zhongda Diantong has become a "patent cultivation enterprise in Shanghai"

Zhongda Diantong was officially recognized as a "patent cultivation enterprise" by the Shanghai Intellectual Property Office a few days ago

this is a military parade of the company's R & D strength and patent work. It is also the affirmation and praise of the Shanghai municipal government for Zhongda Diantong's enterprise strength and patent work. It will play a positive and positive role in obtaining government guidance and policy support for Zhongda's product R & D and enterprise development

Zhongda Diantong is a subsidiary of Delta Electronics Group, a world-famous power electronics multinational enterprise. Delta Electronics Group is an enterprise that attaches great importance to innovation and product research and development. It has 43 research and development centers in dozens of countries around the world. The annual R & D funds invested by us for successful cooperation account for about 5% of the total revenue. In Taiwan, delta ranks sixth in the number of patents applied. In Shanghai, delta power electronics R & D center was established in 1999. Over the years, the center has attracted more than 200 outstanding researchers from power electronics academia and industry, with fruitful results

relying on the strong strength of its parent company, Zhongda Diantong has established the first postdoctoral workstation of Taiwan funded enterprises in China, and has set up scholarships and funds in many universities to help cultivate domestic follow-up technical forces. In the past 20 years since its establishment, Zhongda has owned a large number of patents, and its excellent R & D strength has laid a leading position in the industry, making the impact performance, mechanical strength and modulus of materials unable to be effectively improved

the outline of the national intellectual property strategy issued by the State Council in 2008 clearly stipulates that by 2020, China will be built into a country with a high level of intellectual property creation, application, protection and management. Within five years, the level of independent intellectual property will be greatly improved, the effect of using intellectual property will be significantly enhanced, the situation of intellectual property protection will be significantly improved, the gap with developed countries in Europe and the United States will be greater, and the awareness of intellectual property in the whole society will be generally improved

in this context, after becoming a "patent cultivation enterprise", Zhongda Diantong will not only increase research and development efforts, pay attention to patent applications, further improve enterprise innovation and market competitiveness, but also support the implementation of the national intellectual property strategy outline as always

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