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Since Zhong Nanshan's team developed the throat swab sampling robot to reduce the risk of medical infection

war on "epidemic", accurately and safely collecting biological samples has become a major task and challenge for medical staff

the diagnosis of COVID-19 requires two positive test results, while the patient needs three negative test results for recovery and discharge, during which multiple routine biological sample tests are also required. Every time biological samples are collected, medical staff should bear the risk of exposure

according to the "epidemiological characteristics analysis of covid-19 pneumonia" published by the China Center for Disease Control and prevention, as of February 11, a total of 3019 medical staff across the country had been infected with novel coronavirus, with 1716 confirmed cases

to solve this problem, the team of academician Zhong Nanshan and the Institute of automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly proposed to use intelligent robots for throat swab sampling

after the new year's Eve, Guangzhou Institute of respiratory health, the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, immediately launched the epidemic prevention emergency research and development project, and set up a scientific research team led by Professor Li Shiyue, with Li Shaoqiang and Guo Wenliang as the main members, and jointly developed the pharyngeal swab sampling robot with the professor team of Shenyang Institute of automation and Shenyang Zhuchi Medical Co., Ltd

the new intelligent throat swab sampling robot system plastic blow molding machine will continue to introduce advanced technology, which is composed of snake shaped manipulator, binocular endoscope, wireless transmission equipment and human-computer interaction terminal

the snake shaped manipulator has the dexterous and accurate operation ability, and has the ability to perceive the contact force with pharyngeal tissue. The binocular endoscope provides a high-definition 3D anatomical scene. The WIA FA industrial wireless network ensures the real-time experiment of control instructions. The data obtained from the experiment may have a certain deviation, which can be transmitted reliably. The human-computer interaction terminal with force feedback provides a sense of operation immersion. The robot can complete the pharyngeal tissue sampling task gently and quickly by means of remote human-computer cooperation

it is understood that the robot system officially began subject detection on February 28. So far, the first clinical trial of 20 subjects has been carried out, and 80 samples have been collected

cytological test results show that robotic pharyngeal swab sampling can achieve high quality, with a success rate of more than 95%. It can use less than the average operating force of medical staff to achieve effective sampling, and the sampling intensity is uniform. The subjects' pharynx has been listed as a+ grade department in different specifications in the BRE green guide, and there are no adverse reactions such as redness, swelling, bleeding, etc

according to the relevant person in charge, the robot is put into use, "but after use, it is expected to reduce the infection of medical staff, improve the standardization of biological sample collection, and ensure the quality of samples

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