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ChinaSoft international Huawei tobacco industry cloud platform joint program unveiled the ingenuity cup

ChinaSoft international Huawei tobacco industry cloud platform joint program unveiled the ingenuity Cup - Huawei China 2016 partner elite invitational tournament

over the years, the informatization construction of China's tobacco industry has achieved fruitful results. The National Tobacco Monopoly Administration (hereinafter referred to as the National Bureau) has focused on key informatization projects to promote the construction of industry application systems, Support and standardize production and operation activities, and effectively improve the application level of industry informatization. However, with the increasing number of information systems, it maintenance costs are rising, and the operation and maintenance of IT infrastructure are becoming more and more complex

through the 13th five year plan, the National Bureau clarified the development ideas of industry informatization and clearly outlined the blueprint of industry informatization construction, which clearly put forward the construction task of building industry basic cloud resources and cloud management environment, gradually realizing the platform operation of industry resources, and providing basic technical support environment for the construction of integrated digital tobacco

cosoft international and Huawei have jointly created a cosoft international Huawei tobacco industry cloud platform solution. The joint solution is based on Huawei fusionsphere products, focusing on the construction of IAAs layer. With the help of dynamic infrastructure and virtualization technology of cloud computing, it helps tobacco enterprises realize the integration and pooling of IT resources such as servers, storage and networks, so that it resources can be flexibly expanded and dynamically scheduled, and improve the efficiency of resource use, And through a unified management platform to achieve decentralization, sub domain operation and maintenance, and improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance. Through the establishment of a unified cloud management platform, dynamic scheduling and automatic control of infrastructure, it equipment and other resources are carried out to simplify management and achieve the purpose of improving operational efficiency and reducing operational costs. Create a new generation of tobacco it operation environment with green, high computing density, high computing efficiency and low energy consumption

through the joint efforts of both sides, the unified platform of the National Bureau of tobacco industry was initially launched. With the help of the dynamic infrastructure of cloud computing (150 ° on the right) and virtualization technology, tobacco enterprises can help measure the micro deformation of materials, realize the integration and pooling of IT resources, enable it resources to be flexibly expanded and dynamically scheduled, improve the use efficiency of real one key operation sources, and realize decentralized and regional operation and maintenance through a unified management platform, and improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance

at the final of the just concluded ingenuity cup-2016 Huawei China partner elite Invitational, Mr. Kong Fansheng, deputy general manager of China soft international manufacturing and distribution business line innovation center, showed you this joint solution. Asked by the judges about the reasons for choosing Huawei, he said: at present, China soft international is in a leading position in the tobacco industry, and 14 of the 16 core production systems of tobacco are made by China soft international. We prefer jiayirong tmemi (2) 00 with complete product line, independent intellectual property rights and strong R & D strength to cooperate with the original manufacturers of ultra-high activity equipment due to its special structure. Cooperating with Huawei is in line with the strategic direction of China soft international. We believe that relying on the business accumulation of China soft international in the tobacco industry for many years and Huawei's strong platform technology capabilities, we can certainly develop information products that better meet the needs of users

cosoft International - Huawei's cloud platform joint solution for the tobacco industry not only provides unique value for tobacco customers, but also promotes the functional improvement of Huawei's cloud platform products. During the implementation of the unified platform project of the National Bureau of technology, ChinaSoft international assisted Huawei cloud platform products to realize VMware virtualization management for the first time in the world. IBM small computer management function is currently under joint development. Make Huawei cloud platform products more in line with the diverse needs of the enterprise market

at present, in the market outside the tobacco industry, both parties are planning to improve and promote this scheme to the massive market of manufacturing industry. In the financial, medical and other industries, the two sides are also incubating joint solutions. Yunlian China has laid a solid foundation for the cooperation between the two sides

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