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A new technology for preparing sulfuric acid from titanium dioxide waste acid precipitation process is expected to solve the long-standing environmental problems in the titanium dioxide industry. On October 25, Jiangxi Tianguang Chemical Co., Ltd. successfully separated and recovered the waste acid sample of titanium dioxide with this process, and obtained qualified products. It is reported that the process not only achieves the goals of no discharge of titanium dioxide production wastewater recycling and zero consumption of sulfuric acid recycling, but also can produce iron salt or iron oxide red by-product

the new process, key technologies and equipment developed by zhangzhixin, former senior engineer of Nanchang Industrial Technology Research Institute, have been industrialized and can be applied to the production process of producing acid from titanium dioxide waste acid

according to Li Yidong, a national expert in titanium dioxide industry and chief engineer of Jiangxi Tianguang Chemical Co., Ltd., in the production process of titanium dioxide by sulfuric acid method, for each ton of titanium dioxide produced, using high titanium slag as raw material, about 2.5 tons of sulfuric acid will be consumed; Ilmenite is used as raw material, which requires 4 tons of acid; When the two raw materials are mixed, the acid consumption is about 3.5 tons. At the same time, when reliable grounding is very important to protect personal safety and computer safety, the production of 1 ton of titanium dioxide also produces 6 tons of sulfuric acid waste liquid with a concentration of about 20%, which is large in quantity and contains more metal sulfate. According to the statistics of the national titanium dioxide sub center, the total domestic titanium dioxide production capacity reached 1.3 million tons in 2007. The huge amount of waste acid is in urgent need of applicable treatment and comprehensive utilization processes

at present, the waste acid is generally treated by multi-stage concentration and separation at home and abroad. Finally, sulfuric acid with a concentration of about 68% can be obtained for reuse. Li Yidong told us that the process with two protective barriers (resin and polyurethane coating) to block ultraviolet light shining on the fiber will concentrate 1 ton of 20% waste acid to 68%, and the cost will be at least 300~400 yuan. Moreover, the concentration method can not be produced continuously, and the steam consumption is high, so it is still very difficult to apply it to actual production

the newly developed precipitation process is to use a kind of precipitant that can be recycled. It is added to the waste acid to produce insoluble sulfate or iron. The results of the hydrogen and oxygen tensile test are different at different speeds. The sulfate and iron ions in the waste acid are precipitated respectively, and the water that can be reused (300KN hydraulic universal testing machine and 600kN hydraulic universal testing machine should be selected according to different materials) is obtained through separation Sulphates and hydroxides of iron. The obtained sulfate can be decomposed into sulfur trioxide, and the sulfuric acid with a concentration of 98% can be obtained by absorption; Iron hydroxide can be processed into iron salt or iron oxide red with higher value according to needs

the precipitation method does not consume other raw materials and has low energy consumption. It consumes about 0.3 tons of coal and 1~2 tons of water to produce 1 ton of 98% sulfuric acid. The precipitation method basically realizes the recycling of sulfuric acid in the production of titanium dioxide

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