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The new coated lotion for paperboard was successfully studied in Han Dynasty. The new coated lotion for paperboard was successfully studied in Han Dynasty. November 23, 2005. The coated lotion is the last layer of Whiteboard in the production process. It is mixed with porcelain clay and other fillers at a certain ratio and used as a surface coating. The quality and cost of the whiteboard coating are directly related to the coating lotion. There are two kinds of traditional coated lotion, For example, the cost of styrene butadiene lotion made by pulling the black knob with butadiene is relatively low, but the paper coated with it is brittle, poor weather resistance, easy to turn yellow and so on. At present, the coating lotion with good quality is made of styrene, acrylic acid and other monomers. Although the performance of this lotion is better than that of styrene butadiene lotion, the cost is higher. In order to solve the problems existing in the existing coating lotion, a new low-cost coating lotion Technology BS EN 1364 (2) has been successfully developed by Wuhan Institute of modern industrial technology recently. The TPE industry is gradually entering an innovation period 999 ceiling. The lotion is made of several easy to buy low-cost polymer materials through special processes. The products are widely used in all kinds of paper to be coated. After being tried by many board and paper mills, The precision of each performance index is high, reaching the technical level of the original styrene acrylic lotion, and the cost can be reduced by more than 15% compared with the styrene acrylic lotion

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