Successful preparation of 13 butanediol by the mos

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The biological production of 13 butanediol was successful

a few days ago, a medium-sized device for producing 1,3-butanediol with grain, which was jointly built by DuPont, Tate & Lyle and Genencor international, was put into operation

the unit is located at Tate & Lyle's grain processing plant in Illinois, USA. In the new fermentation process, glucose obtained from wet milled grains is converted into 1,3-butanediol by two steps. In the first step, glycerol is transformed into glycerol by bacterial fermentation, and in the second step, glycerol is transformed into 1,3-butanediol by fermentation. The product was separated from the cytoplasm and was cylindrical pure by distillation

it is reported that the total cost of making this polymer from grain is 25% cheaper than that from petrochemical products

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