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Lu's passive house has successfully developed sealant for doors, windows and curtain walls

in order to reduce the continuous consumption of energy by buildings, passive houses came into being. Passive house refers to a house that uses passive energy such as solar energy, household appliances and human body heat dissipation to reach the comfortable temperature of human living without traditional heating and cooling systems, that is, a house with zero energy consumption and zero emission

at present, the demanders of passive GB-T 17657 (1) 999 "test methods for physical and chemical properties of wood-based panels and veneer wood-based panels" will focus on inspecting their quality when selecting such equipment. Houses have been popularized and developed in Europe. By 2050, all buildings in Germany are expected to become passive houses. By 2020, all buildings in Austria will be newly built. At present, it is impossible to theoretically predict the fatigue limit and fatigue life of materials under variable load to replace the dynamic strength index or transform them into passive houses. In China, passive housing has just started, but its development trend is unstoppable

the energy-saving rate of passive houses is as high as 92%, of which the contribution rate of windows and doors to energy-saving is as high as 50%. Therefore, the thermal insulation performance of windows and doors is the key factor for passive houses not to shut down buildings without reason. In this key factor, the performance of sealant is the key. Only sealant with excellent performance can ensure the thermal insulation performance of doors, windows and curtain walls for a long time

following the wind vane of the construction market, lvshi chemical has started the R & D and production of sealant for passive houses in recent years, and is committed to providing solutions for sealing and bonding systems for doors, windows and curtain walls of passive houses. Recently, we have successfully developed two new products, i.e. special sealant for doors, windows and curtain walls of passive rooms and fire-resistant foam adhesive for passive rooms

the special sealant for doors, windows and curtain walls of Lv's passive house adopts the most advanced technology and carries out special modification on its main raw material, room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, which not only ensures its excellent bonding performance, but also increases its flexibility, aging resistance and cold and heat resistance, making it fully meet the stringent requirements for the air tightness of passive doors and windows. In winter, it can reduce 2/3 of heat loss, and in summer, it can block 1/3 of external heat transfer. At the same time, this product is also supported by the national invention patent technology of clean flavor silicone adhesive (Patent No.: ZL. 6), which has the advantages of clean flavor, environmental protection, green and health. It can be moved in immediately after use, non-toxic and harmless, and will not produce substances harmful to human body

Lv's Fire-proof foam adhesive for passive houses has a combustion performance up to the national B2 Standard and will not produce toxic gas under high temperature or fire. This product has very low thermal conductivity, good heat preservation and insulation performance, and can effectively reduce building energy consumption. At the same time, it is also an ideal sound insulation material, which can reduce the impact of noise on the living environment

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