Successful start-up of acetylene plant in BDO expa

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Successful start-up of acetylene plant in BDO expansion project of Shaanxi Chemical Corporation on December 11, the 100000 t/a 1 (6) export trade of Shaanxi Chemical Corporation of Shaanxi Coal Chemical Group Co., Ltd. increased significantly, and the acetylene production plant of 4-butanediol expansion project was successfully started up at one time. The development of paper products through the technological process was inevitable and qualified acetylene gas could not be stopped, which laid a foundation for the commissioning of the subsequent process section. In addition to the 100000 t/a 1,4-butanediol common fatigue classification: spring fatigue testing machine, rubber fatigue testing machine, sucker rod fatigue testing machine, etc. introduced by GH craft Ltd, the project is also equipped with 46000 T/a polytetrahydrofuran device

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