Successful test of environmental friendly nitrile

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Lanzhou Petrochemical Company successfully completed the industrialization test of environmental friendly nitrile rubber formula. The test has passed 6 batches of industrial tests, fully opened up the production process, and produced 10.2 experimental products to ensure the safety of the test process of 4 tons. The success of this test laid a foundation for the cleaner production of NBR substitute products and the upgrading of NBR varieties

the emulsifier system used in the production of the original nitrile hard adhesive has high COD and is difficult to biodegrade. To ensure that the production of nitrile hard rubber meets the environmental protection requirements, There are two main driving forces behind Lanzhou Petrochemical's efforts to strengthen the development of environmentally friendly new products: "1" aspect emulsifier system research: a new generation of emulsifier system technology is used to replace the original emulsifier. At the same time, the initiator is optimized, the polymerization formula design of hard nitrile rubber is completed, the process is meaningless and uneconomical conditions are improved, and the small-scale test research is completed in 2008. The samples are tested, and the mechanical properties of synthetic rubber meet the requirements of production standards, creating conditions for further industrial test. At present, the industrial test produces The product shall be sent to the testing center recognized by the state for mechanical property test and to the user unit for application test

Lanzhou Petrochemical has long undertaken the production and supply of special nitrile rubber for national defense. In recent years, with the support of relevant national defense departments, Lanzhou can also reduce the procurement cost by about 40%. Petrochemicals can strengthen scientific research, actively promote the application of complete sets of nitrile rubber technology with independent intellectual property rights, and ensure the production of hard nitrile rubber products

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