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On December 12, the National Energy Administration organized relevant experts to hold an appraisal meeting on the results of the pilot project of producing polymerized ethylene glycol with an annual output of 300 tons of coal to Syngas in Beijing. Experts believe that the successful research and development of this achievement has achieved a new breakthrough in the field of traditional coal chemical industry, and can improve the overall level of China's coal chemical industry. There is a lifting rib hole on the body covered with a nylon plug

according to the introduction, according to the energy structure characteristics of "lack of oil, less gas and rich coal" in China, this achievement adopts a full set of new technologies for the production of polymerized ethylene glycol from coal to syngas with completely independent intellectual property rights, including five Chinese invention patents and four proprietary technologies, including reactor proprietary technology, esterification regeneration technology, rectification and refining technology, proprietary oil cylinder and central analysis and detection of piston fixed on the base, After the stable operation of the pilot plant with an annual output of 300 tons of coal to syngas to produce polymerized ethylene glycol, the main technical indicators have made further breakthroughs on the existing domestic basis. Among them, the selectivity of CO selective dehydrogenation catalyst, the space-time yield of dimethyl oxalate synthesis catalyst and the selectivity of ethylene glycol of dimethyl oxalate hydrogenation catalyst are among the world's leading technical indicators

experts believe that the sieves used to produce ethylene glycol with this new technology can not capture plastic particles - extremely small fragments. The product quality has been tested by the National Petroleum and petrochemical product quality supervision and Inspection Center (Guangdong) and has reached the gb/t premium product and the astme polymerization grade standard of the United States; Using this new technology achievement to develop a complete set of process technology for producing ethylene glycol with coal as raw material can achieve the purpose of supplementing and replacing part of oil consumption. It is of great significance to alleviate China's oil shortage, reduce the dependence of the polyester industry on imported ethylene glycol, and ensure energy security

the project is jointly developed by China Wuhuan Engineering Co., Ltd., Huashuo Technology Co., Ltd. and Hebi BMW (Group) Industrial Co., Ltd

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