Successful preparation of nano silica by the hotte

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Successful preparation of nano silicon dioxide by Shanghai new device, Major breakthroughs have been made in the industry university research projects jointly undertaken by Shanghai Chlor Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd. and East China University of technology

Shanghai chlor alkali and East China University of technology have established a continuous 100 ton/year pilot plant, developed core equipment such as auxiliary combustion reactor, and prepared nano silica products with excellent performance. Their physical and chemical properties and application performance in silicone rubber products have reached and exceeded the indicators of similar foreign products. The experts believe that the key equipment and application technologies such as nano silicon dioxide oxyhydrogen flame combustion synthesis technology, combustion reactor and flocculator are innovative, and the achievements have reached the international advanced level on the whole. Among them, the two core technologies of premixed auxiliary combustion new reactor and fluidized bed deacidification have reached the international leading level, and the breakthrough in international technology should be timely tightened; Surgical blockade is of great value

nano silica (commonly known as vapor phase white carbon black) synthesized by gas phase combustion is in use because of its unique properties. This standard is applicable to the tensile properties of various metal materials. It is considered to be a unique high-performance material with special surface properties and chain structure. It can be widely used in rubber, coatings, plastics, medicine, adhesives, cosmetics, inks, pesticides, catalysis, electronics, fine ceramics and other fields

at present, the global annual demand for fumed silica has exceeded 110000 tons, with a market share of more than US $1billion. It is one of the nano particle products with high added value. Fumed silica is also a high-tech product closely related to silicone. The development of fumed silica is conducive to the development of silicone industry

Shanghai Chlor Alkali Chemical Co., Ltd. and East China University of technology will build a 200-500 T/a gas phase nano silica production unit in 2003, and plan to build 1000 t/A and 5000 t/a production units by 2005 and 2007 respectively

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