Every employee of Novi family is your dear family,

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Love has seeds to spread. If you give a little love, the seeds of love will take root and sprout, grow into towering trees, and the shade blocks the poisonous sun, bringing you comfortable shade. Love and care for you, me and him around

a good atmosphere can promote the efficiency of employees and give them a warm home. Every employee here is our dear family

for more than ten years, novier has been in the wardrobe industry for 14 years. It is a well-known customized wardrobe brand in China. It has won the top ten brands in China for eight consecutive years, passed the ISO9001 international certification system, and is one of the first wardrobe enterprises in China to pass the "China environmental label" certification system

novier's wardrobe pays attention to the environmental protection of material selection and care for the healthy residence of every family. At the same time, novier's company leaders also care about the physical and mental health of every employee. Therefore, a fraternity was held on September 6. The company's marketing center and factory production staff gathered in Wulong mountain villa, and a series of entertainment activities such as laughter, mutual communication, performance programs, drinking with glasses, and dinner were held among colleagues, Let everyone have a happy mid autumn festival in advance

after the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, an activity to care for the health of employees was held in the company on September 10, and young volunteers from Guangzhou University of traditional Chinese medicine were invited to our company to publicize health knowledge and provide auxiliary diagnosis and treatment services

Novi family, people-oriented, integrity first, choose wood, make furniture, and care about the living environment of hundreds of millions of families in society. We only make green and healthy furniture, so that you can feel the breath of natural wood all the time and enjoy a healthy and beautiful life all the time

in the atmosphere of love, feel the warmth of love and pass it on to others. This warm power spreads all over your body and gives you great power to accompany you through the years




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